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So without any intentions of doing so, it appears that my timing in moving to a RP server was ironically well done.  With the recent announcement of some of the 4.3 content patch items, namely Transmogrification and the Void Storage, Role Playing is becoming more popular and more searched on the web.  Every one of the sites I have visited regarding RP outfits have noted huge increases in traffic.

I think the Transmogrification is a wonderful idea.  There are certain sets that I like more than others.  I think this change will promote individuality and customization to the game.

However, I also have my misgivings.  First of all, the entire point of tier gear is to show the world you are a raider and that you brave the newest content for the best gear.  Now, who is honestly going to use the current gear when they can go back to their favorite set from Vanilla or BC?  Second, I already feel that the quality of how the tier (and other gear in general) looks has drastically declined.  Vanilla and BC gear were almost all iconic and epic and gorgeous.  Wrath and Cata gear?  Eh…  With this new Transmogrification, is this one more reason for Blizzard to put less work into the quality of what their new gear looks like?  Tier 11 was disappointing and tier 12 even more so.

Give us good looking raiding gear so that we do not feel the need to change the look of it!

And in addition, I just want to say: I swear I changed servers BEFORE the 4.3 announcements.  😛

~ Effy


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  1. After Blizzcon, I feel Blizzard have taken this into account. Especially with the addition of more “No Stats” gear to display your achievements. SO hopefully we’ll get gear which we can actually see ourselves wearing XD

    – Jamin

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