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Tank Changes

I just read the Blue Blog for the upcoming 4.3 and beyond tank changes, and I have to be honest, this is the most positive thing I have seen for a while and I am quite pleased.

I will not hesitate to admit that about two weeks ago when the upcoming Hot Fix to tank threat was announced, I was shocked and disappointed.  It felt a large slap to the face for those of us who tank, like Blizzard was saying, “We do not care how hard you work to be a good tank, we are going to make it so stupid easy that anyone can do it.”  After the past two weeks of playing and running dungeons at lower levels, I can honestly say this is NOT the case – bad tanks will always be bad tanks, it appears.

Let me make a small aside: I have always exerted the major portion of my gaming energy into healing and support roles.  I do not fancy myself a raid leader or even a 5man party leader in most things.  🙂  But after my shaman, Effraeti, was 80 and raiding, my selective ADD  (ooh shiny!) began to kick in, I did like any good WoW player and made a Death Knight.

Originally Caeridwen was only in existence to be my miner, and I never had intentions to tank with her.  But like all tank classes, friends convinced that I could learn at their expense so they could get dungeon queues faster.  As it turned out, I enjoyed DK tanking, and even after the adjustment period of going from a dual wield Frost tank to a two hand Blood tank (that was a rough migration) the DK is still my favorite tank class.

Okie, back to my original tangent…

Going from reading the Hot Fix Blue Blog to this 4.3 and beyond update to tanking, I feel much better about the changes being made.  Obviously, the Hot Fix for threat was a temporary band-aid fix, which is understandable, and Blizzard is making a conscious effort to make positive changes.

This makes me feel better in a number of ways, as many nay-sayers have in recent months been very negative about the direction of WoW, and I have even found myself riding this bandwagon at times.

Me, personally, I have no current plans to stray in any direction from my current path here on WoW.  After a few months of some stressful raiding and removing myself from those situations, I feel I am in a more positive place and enjoying myself again.  I greatly miss raiding, but I do not miss the negatives that arose with it.  For now, I am happy busying myself with toons and blogging and seeing what RP is all about.

That is not to say that once I get myself settled on Wyrmrest Accord I will not consider raiding again.  Heck, maybe I will give up raid healing and focus more on tanking.  🙂

~ Effy


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