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Call it weird and icky – since like many others I am not a big fan of bugs in real life – but Ahn’Qiraj (both the Ruins and Temple) is one of my favorite places in WoW.

A WoW Insider post touched on AQ’s Tier sets, and it is slightly disappointing to me that such a cool raid has such odd looking gear.  Despite this oddity, my friend and I have taken to weekly raiding AQ (Ruins fully, and Temple as far as we can get with two DPS and my second account as a healer bot) to get rep and this strange set of gear.  AQ is part of our weekly routine.

I really liked the video included at the beginning of this article.  I wish I had been playing WoW back during the Opening of Ahn’Qiraj.  It was a server-wide event, one that required massive amounts of time and material turn-ins before ever getting to the event touched on in the video.

The Ahn’Qiraj story is fascinating to me.  I remember leveling Effy and barely touching on Tanaris, Un’Goro and Silithus while doing so, and being kind of disappointed about it.  The small bit I did grasp was that these Silithids were more than just big bugs.  Some quests pointed toward the idea of them being aliens.

To try and explain this odd interest of mine a little better, one of my all-time favorite books, and the book I got my dog’s name from, is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  I read that book at least once a year, and I have owned it more than once and in various formats.  I now, finally, have it via my Kindle app on my phone.  (Which, by the way, my Kindle app is the best thing EVER.)  Ender’s Game revolves around the fact that sometime in the future, the human race is confronted by an invasion of aliens – aliens that look like giant bugs.  These aliens are referred to as Formics or the more common and degrading title of Buggers.

Once Effy was leveled and raiding, I started playing around a bit more with my hunter, and I made it my goal to level her through the three aforementioned Silithid zones.  I did all the quests in those zones (I even got myself a pink Silithid, naming him Formic), and still felt I had not learned very much about these strange, intelligent creatures.  It was as if many of the quest givers were still clueless as well.

The Qiraji were the first portion of WoW that I ever dove into Lore regarding.  I looked for all I could find on them through Wikis and other means.

So when my guild decided to do an achievement run through Ahn’Qiraj, and I immediately jumped on it!

Giant bugs and huge Egyptian-looking creatures everywhere!  Admittedly, going through and slicing through raids that are lower level is not the most adequate way to get a true feel for the content, but it was still a great experience.

And at the end of Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, I got my first look at one of the Old Gods… C’Thun.

So perhaps AQ and the Silithids are interesting to me mostly because of their similarity to creatures in one of my favorite stories, but they were also my gateway to the Lore of World of Warcraft and ultimately my landing on an RP server and starting this Blog.  WoW’s Lore is so rich and in-depth that I can only hope that Blizzard continues down this pathway into the future.

I have high hopes for patch 4.3 and the introduction of Deathwing’s raid.  Many of those hopes include Blizzard carrying their rich story past Deathwing and onto the driving force behind that mad Dragon Aspect – the Old Gods.  I think that is where the real driving force of everything that has happened throughout Azeroth’s history lies.


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