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Breaking into RP!

So, I almost completely forgot to mention my first true foray into the RP universe!

Last night, my friend and I were part of an RP event hosted by our sister guild’s Guild Master.

Starfell of Friends of Greymane organized an event revolving around the hunting of her rogue worgen, Suneccubus, between her guild and Children of Greymane.  Some of us sided with Suneccubus and some of us were in pursuit of her.  I believe it was a continuation of another RP event, so I missed some of the story.  Basically, Sune was infecting people with the worgen curse.  King Wrynn, King Greymane and the Knights of the Ebon Blade were all getting involved in stopping her.

My friend was on Bexlyn and I was on Gaeladrial and Amaeris.  We were hunting this rogue worgen.

We pursued Sune through Stormwind, and ultimately she escaped to Shattrath.  (To be continued and all that.)

All and all, I had an enjoyable time, and I hope to do more with our friend Starfell, and possible organize my own event.  🙂

~ Effy

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