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On Writing

So, while putting together today’s WotD, I was reading my daily email from A.Word.A.Day at Wordsmith.

The creator there, Anu Garg, puts together a theme each week for his words.  I would say about 90% of my words come directly from him.  However, sometimes the themes are a tab obtuse and I do like to keep my words positive and something I can use periodically throughout the day.  So there are days when I pull my word from other places.  Sometimes, I even pull my words from my reading.  I did this numerous times while reading The Count of Monte Cristo.

Anyway, while reading my Wordsmith daily email, I was reading Anu’s explanation behind this week’s theme, which is “Words made with combining forms.”  Anu had a cute joke I wished to share:

According to an old joke (perhaps a true story), there’s this ad in a magazine:

Learn to write novels.
Easy-to-understand instructions.
Send $20.

You send money to the given address and in return they send you a dictionary with the instructions “Some assembly required.”

I thought this was amusing and interesting enough to share on a Monday morning.  I am, of course, a writing nerd among other things.

And it made me think about writing, in general.

I think writing is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things out there.  It is amazing how under-appreciated it seems at times.  Writing, and ultimately well-crafted writing, is necessary in nearly everything we share everyday – websites, advertising flyers, posters, articles, emails, thank you letters, even technical documents – basically every way we seek to communicate that is not face-to-face or by phone.

Even texting falls into this category, and perhaps that is why so much of this “Text Speak” out there is such a pet peeve of mine.  It saddens my soul to see emails and other non-text conversations that consist of “u r leet” and “that is sum srs bsns.”  And this coming from someone who plays MMOs, and sees this all too often.  Granted, I use some occasionally to punctuate my own lack of seriousness, but many (too many) use this “language” as their means of everyday communication.

Text Speak is becoming the number one language over English, it seems.

And now to come back down from my soapbox.  🙂

I personally go through my own bouts of writing and not writing.  I never understand why I stop, but coming back to it – even if the writing is merely something for myself that no one else ever sees, like a journal – always brings me a sense of peace and puts me into a happier spot then when I was not writing.  Perhaps my lack of writing has been some source of my melancholy of late.

I even notice this to a small extent when I am writing work procedures, which is very odd.  My brother, Charlie, upon learning that I was mentoring to become a Technical Writer, told me it sounded like the most boring thing in the world.  But I feel the same way about writing programming code – that would bore me to tears, personally.

For me, it seems any kind of writing (writing that forms words and sentences, as opposed to computer code) is soothing and brings me enjoyment.

I am not sure exactly what it is.  Perhaps it is merely expunging all the thoughts that clog my brain.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, for my new Blog this means there will probably be numerous entries of just personal thoughts, because even without the Muse striking me in an artistic manner, I still feel better writing something.

~ Effy


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