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Deathwing and the Dragon Soul! (4.3)

Okie, I just read this interview with Ghostcrawler, and I am super excited about patch 4.3!

The Deathwing raid sounds cool, but I am actually just as excited about the new dungeons.  I enjoyed the ICC dungeons of late Wrath, they built a story towards the raid dungeon.  It sounds like Blizzard is doing something similar here.  How cool is that to go back in time 10, 000 years to the elven city of Azshara!?  Holy crap!

It sounds kind of like Nozdormu has decided to beat Deathwing caution be damned!  I guess there are really two options: get the Dragon Soul and defeat Deathwing with it, possibly ending the world as we know it by destroying the fabrics of time OR Deathwing ends the world as we know it and the Old Gods reemerge and consume everything.  No pressure, heroes!

Kudos to Blizzard for bringing the Old Gods into this struggle.  I was still concerned they might drop the ball there and have Deathwing be the end all.

One thing I did not fail to notice was that Ghostcrawler mentioned that their technology allows them to release patches faster than they were capable before.  People have been trying to match this expansion to previous expansions in terms of .1, .2, .3, etc. but the patches are coming faster than before.  So either Blizzard plans to release a new expansion really soon… or there are going to be more major content patches in this expansion than in those previous.  I think we will see at least one more major content patch after 4.3.  And I still stick to my ideas that it will have to have something involving the Old Gods, who will be really pissed we killed Deathwing, their patsy for escape.

Whatever happens, I think I may have to talk to my friend about getting ourselves ready for some raiding on one of our toons…  I guess I am a raider at heart.  I do not miss the drama that was my reasoning behind leaving, but I do miss raiding.

I think the prime question for me would be what I would return to raiding on?  The thought of a complete change from my normal has occurred to me – making my main a tank.  That is part of my thought behind Effy the DK.  I have always loved my DK, and I have some raid experience with her.  But to make a tank – instead a of a healer – my main, I just do not know.  I also have my Holy Pally and my eventually-to-be-85 Disc Priest.  I have not gone back to trying a Resto Druid since I made Mae Balance, and she will probably stay that way.  And then there is a Resto Shaman – my first raider, my Effy.  But it would not be Effy anymore.  It would be too weird to raid on a shaman other than Effy – it would be like playing someone else’s toon.

Still lots of thought to put into that.  We shall see.

But I really want to kill Deathwing.  🙂

~ Effy

EDIT: I also found a few more interesting posts regarding 4.3: Blizzard’s WoW site (Part 1), Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Joystiq and MMO Champions!

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