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Post a Day 2011

So, I have decided to commit myself to something writing related!  I have decided to participate in the Post a Day Challenge (as you may see in my sidebar).  I found out about this challenge through their blog posting today.

I guess you could technically say I am starting today, but I officially consider myself to be starting this challenge tomorrow, October 1st.

My goal is to post once per day from now until the end of 2011.  On top of this, I am going to see about participating in NaNoWriMo.  Starting November 1st and finishing November 30th, I will push myself to write a complete novel.

This is a daunting undertaking for me.  I love to write and writing makes me happy.  But I greet this challenge with no small amount of anxiety, as I have an outstanding track record of failing to complete things I start with the best of intentions.  Namely, the many unfinished stories and novels I already have scattered about my belongings from various stages of my teenage and adult life.  🙂

However, this is a new venture!  I have The Daily Post and Plinky to look to for inspiration.  And believe me, for the next three months, I may be locating every other possible source of enlightenment.

Let the writing begin!

~ Effy


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