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Yay for Stereotypes!

Okie, I am now a brand new fan of this WoW Crendo guy.  🙂

I spent this evening PvPing on my wee Rogue (who I plan to divulge some thoughts about soon) and watching videos from the YouTube pages of WoWCrendo and OMFGcata.

I was most enthralled in by the wonderful little series of The Adventures of Crimnox (and Sproodle).  It is WoWCrendo and Jesse of OMFGcata adventuring on a Roleplaying server.  There appear to only be four episodes at the moment, but they were quite entertaining.

This has reminded me of the internet show I watched for a while: The Guild.  I ran into a point where they were waiting to start the next season, and I did not keep up.  That might make for good entertainment tomorrow.  🙂  I will make sure to catch up on that.

And yes, this is the entirety of my post for today.  I am off to bed.

~ Effy



  1. Not the only fan of WoCrendor haha. Brilliant videos XD

    • Yes, I have come to greatly enjoy his videos. And his videos, in turn, have led me to other things I like. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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