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I’m a Girl Scout

I took a big step for me today – I offered to become a Girl Scout troop co-leader.  🙂

Let me back up a step or three.  I work for the Girl Scouts.  I am an Admin at one of our regional centers.  (Yes, that means I usually have cookies…)  I am a general Admin, and since I do a little bit of everything for everyone, it at one point brought me to coin the title “Majordomo” for myself, which has since stuck.  (I have it in my email signature and I have actually been introduced as such to several volunteers.)

Well, I recently volunteered at a free event we provided to our girls and adults who registered back in the spring, and I had an absolute blast!  I did some crafts with Daisies and Brownies (so ages 5-8 or so) making some picture frames and some little Friendship Pals which look like people made of a button and friendship bracelets.  It was so much fun.  I think I had at least as much fun as the girls.

Add to this the fact that I have been feeling something lacking lately.  I feel like I am at that age where I either feel too young or too old in nearly everything.  At work, I feel too young.  Online, I feel too old.  I feel separated from many of my friends by the marriage/children barrier.  I am single.

I need something to inspire and motivate me, and I want to do something where I feel I can be a positive influence.

So we happened to have a Book Club meeting this morning.  As a Council, we are reading What Do You Really Want for Your Children, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  So far, it is very interesting.

Our conversation this morning was on how to make children understand their value.  We discussed that it is a matter of leading by doing – if you want to instill confidence, exude it!

Somehow we started talking about the issues our leaders seem to be having with GSUSA’s new programming.

At one point, I mentioned that I had trouble understanding one leader that called the other day.  She had taken her troop camping and was looking through the new Girl’s Guide to try and find a badge they had earned while on their trip.  The way I understand it, the idea is to work towards a goal, accomplish it, then reward the effort that was put into that task (or tasks).  It seems to me the way it has been is a “badge” consisted of a one meeting’s worth of activity.  Well, the new programming is geared more toward lengthier goals and more involving projects.  If the girls are working toward a Journey badge, then “fun patches” sprinkled in and among those (a hayride or some sort of field trip, preferably something related to the current Journey work) should make up for those in-betweens.

Upon explaining my point of view to the group, our Book Club leader looked at me and said I should be a troop leader.  I wanted to hide under the table, but it sort of derailed me from the depth of involvement I had previously and I started thinking about what she had said.

Needless to say, before I could begin to second guess myself, I emailed the Membership Specialist for the area where I live, and told her my interest in being a co-leader.  Not a leader, just a co-leader.  I still have a lot to learn about Girl Scouts, and in this area, I feel myself to be “too young.”

She was super excited, instead of emailing me back, she came straight up to my desk to tell me how excited.  🙂  So she is working with the Area Manager (who happens to be a friend and former co-worker) to find a good place for me.

I think this will be a great opportunity and a great adventure.  🙂

~ Effy


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