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Sneaky, sneaky

I have mentioned before that I have always been a healer.  Before WoW, there were a few times that I played around with DPS characters, for solo ventures.  My DK was my first tank character… ever.  And even when it came to DPS, I usually played ranged classes, because I am usually horrible as melee.

Then, there was my Rogue.

It started as just another RP character to play around, but I am greatly enjoying playing Lycaohn.  He is a worgen.  I made him with the lightest color fur I could and a chewed-off ear and I recently got him an eye patch from Stockades, which just finishes off his look perfectly.  He is an older assassin (48), with a dignified amount of grey, usually well in control of himself but with a bit of a bloodlust when he gets deeply into his work.

I find that I am fairly good at defending flags in BGs.  🙂  Originally, I had his nickname as “Old Dog” but recently I have added “Guard Dog” to that.  I like to stealth while in human form, wait for someone to grab the flag, and then Shadowstep+Ambush them.  Usually, this one shots stuff.  And when he attacks while human, he roars into his worgen form.

I just think it looks so cool.

I started out Subtlety, because I made him mostly to PvP with.  This spec, even at low levels (or especially at low levels) is incredible for PvP.  But I find this spec to be lacking for dungeons, as unless I am in stealth, I cannot do much damage.  So on bosses, my DPS drops considerably.

Upon hitting 30, I added a second spec.  So now, Lycaohn has a Combat offspec.  It has literally doubled my dungeon DPS.  🙂

So for the low end of brackets (ie. 30, 31, 32), I am doing dungeons, and for the higher levels of brackets (ie. 33, 34), I am PvPing.  It is making for decent leveling thusfar.

For someone who has also never PvP’d much, I am finding this to be a good replacement for raiding.  I have no predetermined schedule, so I am not accountable and if I am tired or want to do something else, I do.  🙂  Dungeons, PvP, RP’ing and various whatever are filling my time just fine.

Plus, with the new responsibilities of co-leading a Daisy troop, I want to at least keep my schedule open until I have an idea of the time commitment and days involved.

~ Effy


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