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Mutant Ninjas

Okie, so I was super tired when I got home last night, tried to play on WoW, and went to bed not too much later.  So needless to say, my Blog post slipped my mind.

That just means I have to make up for it today, eh?  Well, here begins post one!

You may be wondering WTH my title has anything to do with anything.  Well, a friend and I wandered down a strange topic of discussion that I just find amusing.

First of all, I am a redhead, and we were talking about that and how redheads are going extinct and the fact that apparently the redhead gene is actually a mutation.

So I am a mutant!

That of course, led to what my mutant powers are.  It appears my mutant abilities manifest as a mental control of most office equipment (I have discovered many time when someone is having an issue, I can come stand at their elbow and the problem fixes itself), a mental and physical ability to turn blank spreadsheets and Word documents into cohesive tools and the ability to think my friend out of phone meetings (although, I really think the meeting was nearing an end anyway).

The ninja part arose from a conversation that began with talk of food and traveling.  Eventually, the topic became “who is secretly a ninja?”

Well, I think , if anyone, Japanese steakhouse chefs are definitely ninjas.

So we chatted about how you test if someone is secretly a ninja.  My friend said if I were to throw a knife at the back of the Japanese steakhouse chef’s head and he caught – definitely ninja.

“So, what if he doesn’t catch it?”

“Then you’re a ninja!”


I shall work on something even more profound for later.

~ Effy


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