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Jekyll and Hyde in the BG

I came to an interesting conclusion today: There is a much different crowd on the weekend in World of Warcraft than during the week.  This seems especially true for PvP.  I did a bit of both yesterday and today, over a varied range of levels with similar results.

Now, either this is specific to my new realm, or I just never noticed before.  Granted, I do not usually PvP as much as I have been (yay little rogue!) but I should be used to this sort of thing as far as dungeons go.

Now, by different, I do not mean all bad.

The dungeons were admittedly slower and my repair bill was much higher than usual, especially on my 85, doing heroics.  (Ouch.)  The tanks seemed less familiar with the pulls, and the DPS were far more impatient and critical.  I was doing all I could to maintain stability and keep everyone having fun.  But even I left a group or two.

PvP was the big difference.

I did not notice so much yesterday as I did today.

There was a lot of negativity every time the Horde got a point, be it for capping a flag or capping an objective point.  And it was mostly the “God, you guys are a bunch of noobs.  You can’t even cap a flag.” or “You can’t keep me alive.” etc.

After about four of these BGs earlier (that we ultimately lost), I decided to start the next BG with a friendly welcome.  It was Arathi Basin, which is this week’s BG.  As soon as I enthusiastically said “hello” I got a great deal of response, and then someone mentioned in a like tone we should use all the rogues we had to our advantage and keep two at each flag to defend.  There was also a tremendous amount of communication (all positive!) and low and behold, we won!

I do not have so big an ego that I think we won all because of me, but I like to think that a BG started on a positive note ended on a positive note.

To illustrate some of my point, I decided to post WoWcrendo’s How to Win at PvP 2.  (See the Complainer)

~ Effy



  1. My comment was diminished after being distracted by the video again, so true!

    • Ooooh, shiny! 😉

      ~ Effy

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