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Okie, so currently my room is mostly empty and the living is mostly full.  My bed is disassembled and I re-acclimated myself with sleeping in the Lazyboy last night (hey, it is actually pretty darn comfy to sleep in).  Today, either my room or my bathroom will wind up looking like an atomic bomb went off in there.

All for some still undetermined amount of time.

In fact, I might be playing WoW from the dining room table tonight.  We will see.  lol

The water damage was amazingly well-contained, but there is still damage.  The subfloor in my bathroom and bedroom is most affected (the large sinkhole at the headboard of my bed was a good first hint).  I am just glad that my bed was placed strategically over the crossboards under the floor.  Okie, so I really did not plan that in the original organization of my room.

The contractor and the insurance agent both came yesterday and evaluated.  About a third of my bedroom’s floor needs replacing, the whole bathroom floor, the shower will at least need to be reseated and the sink and vanity are getting torn out.

As much as I would rather just play WoW and sleep in my own bed, I am super excited about new carpet, paint and new bathroom flooring.  Yay!

It is actually going to amount to less money out of pocket than originally thought.  The insurance lady is crediting us for moving the furniture, drying the floor and for stuff deemed depreciating (paint and flooring and part of the vanity cost, etc.).  Basically, a lot of the labor we are doing ourselves is getting added in.

So it still sounds like a lot of work on our part, but it should look nice in the end.  🙂

~ Effy

P.S. = You may think I missed posting yesterday, but I did, I just set it to Private.  So you will just have to believe me.  😉

P.P.S. = And Mom just called.  We get to do our shopping tonight!  New vanity and flooring, here we come!


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