Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

<— Slacker

Okie, so label me “failure,” “slacker,” whatever.  I did not post all weekend.  I did write a post on Friday, but it is unfinished and I have not yet posted it.  ><  But slacker or not, I am not going to let this stop me from picking up and continuing on again!

Honestly, I did not do much of consequence this weekend, so any excuses would be rather weak.  I was just plain exhausted and brain dead.  Last week was crazy busy and this week does not look to be much slower.  Still waiting to get my car back and once more have my room and bed, a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, a training class to meet my fellow Daisy leader tomorrow night, probably working late Thursday :/ and I am at the front desk today, with no conceivable way to accomplish any of my own tasks, as I have an enormous pile of stuff to receipt.  (Yay! registrations, but boo! they are building up and I cannot do anything with them.)

I am working to touch up a short story about Lycaohn, who’s background I have been working on.  It will likely be a story about revenge.  Lee seeks revenge against the Forsaken for killing his wife during the fall of Gilneas.  Will the need for vengeance consume him?

I am also overdue for a new Effy short story.  She now knows that The Children of Greymane are worgen helping worgen, which explains Amaeris’ hostility towards Effraeti.  Of course, Effy’s current state (undead) makes it unlikely she will be too concerned except in regards to how this situation will affect her and what risks might be involved.  Effy is in a state of unrest, and she has not really discovered why she continues her existence yet.  While under the control of the Lich King, she did not have the freedom to decide her course, but now, she is released and in control of her destiny once more.  She feels cheated from death, used for ill purposes and now strangely alone and adrift.  What will it take to make her realize that it is her separation from the Light and a deep-down need to be reaccepted by it that makes her existence both unbearable and at the same time necessary until she resolves matters?  Will she ever find peace?

Maeyv could use another story as well.  She is possessed by voices of the Old Gods, the same voices that drove Deathwing and many others to insanity.  Only whereas the Old Gods usually whisper pleasant things, steering their “prey” towards something beneficial to both, Maeyv has tried to fight back and therefore is receiving more negative attention.  Maeyv knows who whispers to her, but will those voices drive her to insanity before she can convince anyone else that she is not crazy?

I also have a few characters I have yet to touch on.

I think something dark and evil revolving around Fehnrir is in order.  I want to use him for a good Halloween storyline.  He is a worgen and a Death Knight, so not only does he have the feral side of the Curse to deal with but he is an undead who was manipulated by the Lich King.  The worgen Death Knights are an older breed than the Death Knights of the player storyline.  This is a pretty good article about Worgen DK RPing.

Vaadaree and Aerora, I think I have decided those two will be sisters.  When I transferred original-Effraeti to Wyrmrest, I had to change her name and I wanted to change her look too.  So her look ended up very similar to Vaadaree.  So I think I will go with that.

Vianessa needs some story too.  I think I may work her into Effy’s storyline.  I want to introduce a character that Effraeti can despise, merely because Vi illustrates everything that Effy has lost – mainly the Light.

And I may introduce Brizaeyl into Effy’s storyline too.  I am thinking Brie might be a figure who can sympathize with her and be a friend without being emotionally jarring.  Brie is a healer, but she is more innocent and less goody two shoes than Vi.  Brie is also young and slightly naive, so perhaps Effy tries to brush her off and Brie does not quite take the hint, or sees the turmoil within Effy and sticks around anyway.

~ Effy

EDIT: Vianessa is now Lazheward.


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