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Hallow’s End

I am pretty excited to fiddle around with the updates to WoW’s holiday event Hallow’s End.

The quests and means for acquiring goodies have changed.  The quest givers have even changed.  It seems the Gilneans run the Hallow’s End celebrations now.  About the only thing that is unchanged is the Headless Horseman encounter.  His level has been adjusted, as well as the iLvl of the rings he drops, but other than that – same theatrics and same cheesy rhymes.  🙂

Yesterday, I did not leave for work until about noon.  I had a doctor’s appointment and took a half day to myself.  Usually Tuesday is maintenance day for WoW, but when I got onto my computers I was excited to see the servers were up!  So I did a round of Headless Horseman dungeons on my 85’s and then fiddled with Vianessa.

I have been slowly collecting pieces from the Zandalari dungeons for a tank set for Vi.  So yesterday, I filled in the gaps with rep items and some spare JP she had.  Then, I spent some gold on gems and reforging and used my enchanter and leatherworker to enchant all of her new gear.  Surprisingly, I think I overcapped her block.  With mostly 353 and 359 gear, is that even possible?  I am going to have to do some more research on Paladin tanking.  She also still needs glyphs.

But I definitely have some Hallow’s End items to fiddle with.  I am still interested in seeing all the changes.  🙂

~ Effy

EDIT: Vianessa is now Lazheward.


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