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RP’ing – Choose Your Own Adventure-Style

I have decided that the best way to write out something that I would be interested in roleplaying, would be to do it in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style.  Since I cannot assume to guess what some other random RP’er will do or say in response to my roleplaying, I am best off having a few responses ready.

This may look like over-thinking it a tad (which I have certainly never done…), but the last time I did a on-the-fly RP, I ran into some unexpected questions.  The day I created Maeyv, I took her to Goldshire and started shouting “Deathwing is not the real threat!” and “We must be prepared for the real threat!” and so on.  I was eventually approached by a dwarf who started a dialogue with me, and it was then that I realized how wholly unprepared I was.  lol

My actual dialogue went longer than the short story, and whereas on-the-fly story creation is exhilarating, I am a planner.

It is one thing to have a conversation with someone as myself, I never have to think about how I would react to something – even if I make a fool of myself, it was me who did that.  But roleplaying requires me to think and respond as a character.  I have to make sure their response is correct for them, and not my response.

So it is my opinion that having some options for myself is ideal.

I have an idea I am currently working on.  Right now, honestly, my biggest snag is what character to use.  I think this may require an entirely new character.  I want to make her a wildly hopeless romantic – basically, me to the extreme and doing things even I would not do.  lol

More brainstorming is in order.

EDIT: I created a new character for the purpose above – a human priest named Caeridwen.  (This toon was eventually scrapped, heh.)

~ Effy


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