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The Solitary DK

For a hardcore, long-time healer, I believe I have mentioned before that I am quite fond of the DK as a tank class.

There was very little I could not accomplish with my DK Caeridwen on Eonar, hence why I had no qualms about killing off Effy and making her into an undead.  Effy has become my namesake during my time on WoW, and when my love for my shaman began to taper off, it seemed only appropriate to recreate her as something I will play a lot.

Sure, I could have made Effy a Paladin or a Priest, but that does not fit her.  (Certainly not for RP’ing purposes.)

But I find Effy leveling slower than I would like, as for me to play her as a tank, I technically have to tank with her.  (Profound, I know.)  I enjoy tanking on a DK, but of all the things I want to do after a long day at work, leading a group and trying to keep everyone from doing something stupid is usually beyond my energy range.

But on the other hand, DPS queues are long and usually consist of them popping as soon as I step away from my computer for exactly the time it takes for the notification to time out and me to be removed from the queue.  Also, I am horrible at DPS’ing on a DK.  I have proven this to myself several times.  😛

Hence, I have been doing a lot of PvP during the week – on my DK, on my Rogue and on my Feral Druid.

In fact, lately I have been PvP’ing and listening to Podcasts about WoW lore.  (I am such a nerd.)

Anyways, I have completely strayed from the topic I originally planned to talk about.

I saw an article this morning on soloing older raid content with a DK.

And I am all for learning what I can solo on her, but my question is: what good would it do me to solo Molten Core or Karazhan, for example, when there are no DK items that drop from any raids in Vanilla or BC?

The only use I can see would be dragging through one of my toons on my other account.  Brizaeyl would benefit from that.  Or perhaps my shaman, Aerora.  Or even my holy Paladin, Lazheward (formerly Vianessa).  In fact, I am thinking Laz will be Effy’s tagalong for most things – for both RP and practical purposes.

Unless I simply do it to farm some cash or some patterns (most of which are BoP from raids, so I would need to drag a toon anyway).

~ Effy


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