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Fanfiction and Dragons

I am almost disappointed in myself for the shameless plug of my Blog in the comments of today’s Breakfast Topic on WoWInsider.  I said almost!  Everyone else was doing it…

And Effy needs more exposure (and not in an inappropriate sort of way).

I mean more internet readers!

I, personally, am totally okie with all of the other shameless plugs – I now have some more reading material.  🙂  Stories are so much more interesting than articles on WoWWiki and such.  One site that looks very promising is Fanfiction.

I suppose what I write here on my Blog is mostly fanfiction.  Though, the true definition of fanfiction seems to revolve more around the major lore characters.  Well, in my opinion, there are plenty of stories being written about Krasus and Varian and Thrall and Jaina and any number of other characters in the World of Warcraft.  Me, I am more interested in writing about those one notch lower – not cobblers and tanners, but the “adventurers” that are always referred to.

The term “adventurers” covers a lot.  I mean, in video games, the “adventurers” do and accomplish all the things everyone else will not or cannot do.

“Fetch me some wood.”

“Kill some orcs.”

“Bring me the head of that dragon that burnt down a whole village and ate the entirety of the guards stationed there.”

“Banish the demon-commander of that Sargeras guy.”

“Slay an Old God.”

C’mon, now.  If you have not figured out by now that “adventurers” are semi-godly, than you need to play more video games.  Think about that dude from Doom, stomping through the depths of Hell.  Yah, that kind of Old School Epic.

I am currently doing some more research on two important RP topics: Pandaren and Dragons, specifically the blue dragonflight.  (And I have to stress that a group of dragons is a flight, not an aspect.  An aspect is the head dragon of the flight.)  I have some posts set aside for both of these, where I am currently gathering research material.

The only problem with having a public Blog and wanting to write about and RP with a character who is a dragon is that the small amount of reading I have done so far points fervently to never, ever, ever revealing to anyone that your character is a dragon.

Hmm…  This seems unrealistic and counterproductive to me.

I agree that a dragon walking amongst mortal races is not going to stride into Stormwind, climb atop the clocktower and shout to the world: “Hey!  I am a dragon!”  That would just be silly.  It would be just as effective to yell in the middle of the Trade District.  Pfft.

I kid.

But think more along the lines of a blue dragon, one of the few remaining of her flight, young and thirsty for knowledge.  She leaves the ruins of the Nexus after Malygos’ death, and begins to wander in search of some place to call home.  Perhaps she does not hear about the trials of the blue flight after she leaves, perhaps she does not learn of Kalecgos’ ascent to Aspect.  Or even if she does, perhaps she becomes infatuated with these short-lived creatures who outnumber the dragons, and continue to populate exponentially.

She still needs some fleshing out, but I am not creating her to make her some overpowered, god-like WoW character.  (Of course, she is a Mage and Mages are getting another buff in 4.3.  Sheesh, really?)

No, in fact, the more I think about it, the more I figure that her taking on a mortal form would make her weaker, especially to begin with.  She is used to being gigantic and casting as a dragon and using claws and teeth and ice breath on top of her magic abilities.  Suddenly, she is a great deal smaller, no teeth or claws, everything that she uses to protect herself comes from a spell.

To throw another wrench into things for myself, her mortal form, I have decided, is a Draenei.

I just love Draenei that much.  ❤  And I was able to make her blue.  Ha!

Hey, I do not see anything wrong with it – dragons who can shapeshift can make themselves look like anything.  Just because most dragons choose elven forms does not mean she could not choose to look like a Draenei.  Besides, I think it would be far easier for a dragon to pass itself off as a Draenei, since Draenei are very long-lived.  In fact, everything that I have read points to the fact that Draenei might be immortal themselves.

Thus, Kiragosa becomes Kiirae.  (She even Draenei-fied her name.)

Now I have done it.  Her secret is totally out, and I only have her to level 10.

~ Effy


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