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So last night was my first ever Daisy meeting!  Technically, it was the Parent Meeting, but I still got to meet the girls.  🙂

It went ever better than I could have hoped to hope.  The other leader and I agree that all the parents seemed cooperative, interested and dare I say almost excited.  The only moment of disagreement – and it can barely be considered that – was when the day of the meetings was addressed.  Oddly enough, everyone able to make the Parent Meeting last night, was not at the Round-up, which is how we determined Friday nights in the first place.  The wholly unanimous decision appears to be Thursday – which is slightly problematic for both her and I.  She has a class that day, and I am usually stuck working late on Thursdays.

Oh darn, I cannot work late on Thursdays anymore…  I am so broken up.  <sniffle>

But one thing I thought was incredible was our parents all seem very interested in the idea of a private Blog!  The thought of managing a Blog for purely personal reasons (gaming, RP’ing, subjecting anyone who will listen to my personal thoughts on everything) and also a more structured Blog for more structured purpose just thrills me.

So as soon as I got home, I created a Private Blog for our troop, I invited the other troop leader and I spent the evening adding an intro post and some useful content to it.

Poor Skeiron.  I was PvP’ing on him between ideas and got to a point where I AFK’d out of my BG.  ><  Oops.  But you cannot stifle the Muse!

I worked on the troop Blog until I basically could not think anymore.  😛

Then, I did two more BG’s on Skeiron and went to bed.  🙂

So the other leader and I have to meet before our next meeting, so we can discuss more indepth how the Parent Meeting went and plan out our next meeting or two.  At that time, I will discuss with her what she thinks about the Blog, and if it is ready to introduce to the parents.

I think this whole troop leader thing is a great idea for me.  I spent the better part of yesterday completely useless workwise, though, as I was talking to the Membership Specialist for the area I work with, printing things, getting crafting ideas, getting handed all kinds of other ideas and helper items, and coloring!

Yes, coloring.  I love coloring!

And what is cuter than coloring a picture of a Daisified me!?  ❤

I can picture the bulk of our meetings now: me, plopped down on the floor with the girls, coloring right alongside of them, doing the same crafting projects, gluing things to tables – you know, standard stuff.

And the other leader mentioned the petting zoo.  OMG, I have not been to a petting zoo in years and years and years.

You know, I think the one thing that really bums me about not having any kids is that I do not have any excuse to watch cartoons (even though 99% of them are awful these days), go to the movies to see kid movies or do things that are really only meant for kids to enjoy – petting zoos, hands on museums and other lil things that just fascinate kids and launch them into a state of wonder and awe.

Which for a Kindergartener is just about everything!

Perhaps it comes from me being so easily amused and so easily awed.  I love seeing that same look in the eyes of a child.

You know, I probably should have become a teacher.

~ Effy


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