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A Community of Support

Let me start by saying I am quite new to the WoW Blog community, but I have already been privy to a level of support and unity that is beyond pleasantly surprising.  Websites like Blog Azeroth and the Twitter network that has developed around these folks is impressive.

I cannot help but feel lucky to be surrounded by so much knowledge, sharing and support – specifically when it comes to supporting their own.

An issue arose today among the WoW Blog Twitter community when @_Rades, WoW Blog writer of Orcish Army Knife and creator of a YouTube channel under the same name, brought attention to a blatant abuse of copyrighting by one @PandoraTGN (on YouTube as Miss Pandora) in the following video:

The original video has since been made private, as both Pandora and @TGNtv have been receiving a lot of negative feedback, via Twitter and other communication forums.  This has only succeeded and inflaming the WoW Blog community even more, since no apology – formal or otherwise – has been issued, and all comments posted since the release of @_Rades’s video have been censored.

Just today, I have counted four Blog posts speaking out against this outrageous situation, and that is not counting the many I have possibly missed!  Each one has been a look at not just that this was wrong, but why.

Here are some good things to remember as far as copyrights go:

  1. Any of an artist’s material is automatically copyrighted, no matter how it is published.  With the expansion of the internet, many seem to forget this simple item, as it has been increasingly easier to copy+paste pictures, text, even audio and video from millions of sources.  YouTube has some great information on copyrights here.  More information on copyrights can be found from the Blog of Gwaendar (@altitis).  I found Gwaendar’s post and Creative Commons to be useful tools for the Legal Disclaimer I posted on my sidebar.
  2. Even if you give credit to an artist for their work, it may still be copyright infringement.
  3. Even if you are not making money from the use of another’s copyrighted material, it may still be copyright infringement.

Rades points out that Pandora even claims more than once in the video that she is publicizing her our artwork.  Well this could not be further from the truth, seeing as the boomkin picture is the beautiful work of Howard Lyon, and the Druid Stained Class part of a series by @DiscoPriest on the WoW Blog Disciplinary Action.

Both incredibly talented artists deserving credit for their work.

Perhaps this has already been said in other manners, but I feel – and I think the WoW Blog community as a whole feels – that is incident was dishonest and more so because the offenders have refused to step forward and take responsibility.  Even a simple, but public, apology could likely mend the rifts created by this incident.

The moral of today’s story?  Asking forgiveness may indeed be easier than asking permission, but take that extra few seconds of time to make sure you are not doing something that you will come to regret.  Asking permission takes time, but asking forgiveness will likely take much longer.


~ Effy

Check out the other WoW Bloggers that commented on this:



  1. Blogging is a humbling thing. When I first started blogging years ago, there were only a few of us, so it was easier to recognize who’s who in the community. When others joined the fray, it was humbling to see them try to imitate what we do because we know we had to start somewhere too. At this point, I probably trust rumors among bloggers more than I do with rumors among general players.

    • Well, I did some reading online before I began my Blog, but honestly, I had no idea of the size of the WoW Blog community! Mostly, I started because WoW lore and the idea of Roleplaying fascinate me. Really, it is more an outlet for writing stories than anything else. There was too long a span between my last stint with writing and now.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

      ~ Effy

  2. This community is one of unity. At least when it’s needed 🙂

    Good closing statement, ‘Asking forgiveness may indeed be easier than asking permission’.

    Real nice blog you got going here,

    – Jamin

    • Thank you, Jamin! Feedback is always appreciated. Please do not hesitate to share any constructive criticism you might have.

      ~ Effy

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