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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 1 – Introduce yourself

Since I have become a member of the WoW Blogging community (as well as the WoW Bloggers on Twitter), I have noticed a lot of Blogging Challenges.  Many ideas originate on the Blog Azeroth forums, but this one specifically appears to have been started by Saga, of the Blog Spellbound.

My plan is to keep on track with this challenge daily.

I discovered several others taking up the call!  All of whom have inspired me:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

I have an introduction here on my page, but with this I will go a little deeper about myself personally, the woman behind Effraeti.

IRL my name is Jamie and I am a Michigan girl.  I have lived in Michigan nearly all my life, with only about 4 years out of state – in both St Louis, Missouri and St Petersburg, FL.  Neither was Michigan, though, and so here I am.

These days I work for the Girl Scouts, as an Administrative Assistant and Majordomo (AKA, I do a little bit of everything for everyone).  In the past, I have worked a lot of retail, including Advance Auto and Murray’s Auto.  I have worked in auto shops and oil change places.  I was a one time Executive Assistant to the President of a small submetering company in Florida.  And my last job before this one was as a Receptionist and Tech Writer at a health company data center.

I am a gamer, a techie, a writer, a nerd.  And I have no problem with any of those labels.  I have been playing video games since I was old enough to manipulate a keyboard and joystick (yes, I am proficient with a joystick as I am an old school, Atari gamer).  My father has always been a computer guy, and so we have had a computer as far back as I can remember.  In fact, the first computer I remember was a Commodore with an old TV with the back removed (for modification purposes) as the monitor.

King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella was the first game I remember getting really drawn into.  It is one of the original RPG’s, and to interact with the world, you had to type out what you wanted your character to do.  Sometimes, this was frustrating, trying to get the wording right for the game to recognize, but it really brought another leveling of thinking to the game that does not really exist anymore.

My gaming took me through some other classics.  For Atari, my favorite was always Breakout, and now I have Arkanoid on my HTC Evo to bring that back some.  When we finally got a Nintendo (which was low on the totem pole, since we always had the computer), I began a lifelong love affair with Link and Zelda.  The Legend of Zelda is still my all-time favorite game to this day.  Other King’s Quest games, Police Quest and then it was onto the real RPG’s – AD&D’s Eye of the Beholder, Champions, Death Knights and Dark Queen of Krynn, the Darksun series games, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights (that emblem looks a lot like the Kirin Tor’s emblem).

Eventually, I tried my hat at my first MMORPG, Asheron’s Call.  I did not play it long, as it was one of the most frustrating things I had ever come across in a game.  I started out playing a healer, because I was playing with my boyfriend for about a week.  When he lost interest, my healer was impossible to level.  So I made a DPS character, and I flew to level 10!  Then, I tried out my first cave/dungeon.  I died very deep into the cave, as the monsters all respawned around and behind me.  In Asheron’s Call, when you died, you lost your one most valuable item – for me, this was always my weapon.  😦  So after a few tries… to this point being nearly naked from losing items to deaths… I logged out and never logged in again.

I swore that day I would never play another online game.

(Spoiler Alert: I eventually retracted that…)

In the interim, I played various first-person shooters, as my boyfriend and his friends would regularly host LAN parties over the course of a weekend.  These included Quake, Counterstrike, Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Diablo and Age of Empires – to name a few.

Eventually, while I was living in St Louis, my boyfriend was being gently prodded by a friend to try Dark Age of Camelot.  Needless to say, I was quite trepidatious, but they finally convinced me.

That blossomed into a 4 year obsession.  I will not deny, my Pisces nature makes me very prone to addiction.  When I discover something I like, I tend to dive in head first.  I am a very all or nothing kind of person.  I am not proud to admit it, but there were days that I specifically called in sick to play DAoC.  It was bad.

Eventually, my friends who played the game began to quit and our lines of communication tapered off.  Finally, a friend convinced me to buy the new Warhammer Online.  Purchasing and playing the game required me to buy a new computer (which I built), as at that time I had only a laptop.  He lasted only about a week on Warhammer, and then I was playing buy myself.

Yay!  New game, completely lost and still learning the keys, no friends, oohhh fun.

I am a social gamer.  That is what has kept my playing online games.

I almost quit, but I did not have another game to play and I had just spent a good chunk of money on my computer and the game.

The solo thing to do for me seems to be PvP, surprisingly, since it is not one of my favorite pastimes usually.  However, I always thought DAoC had great PvP, and Warhammer’s PvP was even a step further.  As opposed to WoW, both DAoC and Warhammer had realm PvP – large areas of map where everyone from either side (or all three sides, in DAoC’s case) could come and beat on one another, either in a group or running beside a zerg.  Kind of like a PvP server, but in a confined area, so you did not worry about being killed by a player while questing and such.

While PvP’ing, I came across a guild that seemed very organized, yet friendly.  We ran together for a bit, and eventually they invited me to join their guild.  It was in that guild that I met the guy I would date, though long-distance, for the next three years.  He lived in Georgia, but we hit it off immediately.

The first night happened to be on New Year’s Day.  We typed to one another until the wee hours of the night, and logged more due to delirium than anything.  The following day, we began a duo that would guide us through several games and finally to WoW.

He and I played Warhammer for a few months, and then he started to get bored.  I was amiable enough, and let him throw out some ideas.  We went to Guild Wars for a while.  We played Eve Online for a while.  We even did the beta and then a few months of Star Trek Online.  Throughout all of them, I noticed he compared the gameplay and graphics and classes and everything else to World of Warcraft.

I myself had never played WoW.  I had some friends leave DAoC for it.  I had many friends (including some at work) try and convince me to play.  But there was something about patronizing a mega-giant MMO that just made me cringe.  It seemed SO overdone and SO overplayed and SO overhyped that I was completely turned off for all the years of its existence.

But, like with moving out of state, I followed the guy.  (I never learn.  heh)

And here I am.  He and I stopped seeing each other back in March, not too long after my birthday (yay, me!).  He was an extension of my Resto Shaman, the original Effy, and when he stopped playing, I lost all my interest in raiding with her.  I tried raiding on my Disc Priest, whom I love playing, but raiding just has not been the same.

I may get back into raiding with 4.3.  As I will be able to use the Raid Finder, and not worry about committing to a raiding guild right now.  First, I need to get into a comfortable schedule with my new Daisy troop.  That is a heavier focus for me than committing to anything in game, though I would like to.

I miss raiding.  Roleplaying and PvP are fun, and my Blog keeps me busy, as do reading other Blogs.  But I miss the social aspect of the game and I miss cooperating within a regular group to accomplish things.

Enough about me – for now.  I shall continue tomorrow.  🙂

~ Effy



  1. Hello 🙂 It’s nice to see RiE was among the blogs that inspired you to do this, I was in turn previously inspired by Jasyla (Cannot be Tamed) it’s good that stuff goes around like that 😀

    Looking forward to reading the next 19 installments.

    • Yes, actually it was first you and Tikari who I saw taking up the Challenge. So thank you for the inspiration! I find the community quite inspiring. You guys are wonderful! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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