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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – Why I Decided to Start a Blog

Welcome to Day 2 of my attempt at the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

Day 2 – Why I Decided to Start a Blog

I have always enjoyed writing.  From middle school throughout high school, I fancied myself a fantasy writer.  I created my own fantasy world, mostly focusing on the elves and their history and connections to nature.  The elves became trees (“Ancients”) when they died.  (And by the way, this was well, well before I ever read Orson Scott Card’s Ender series.)  There was a whole collection of Fae-beings connected to the elves.

I believe I still have my notes for all that somewhere…

I also wrote comics for a while.  (This was still as a teen.)  I had a character named Psycho Super Chicken (PSC) and his sidekick a cow named CW.  He was a hero based on my love of The Tick (along with some 60’s Batman and Inspector Gadget influence), and he loved tacos.  When I loaned my only copy of the origin of CW to my creative writing teacher and he LOST it, that was when I stopped writing for  a while.

When I picked it back up was about age 24 or so.  I tried to pick up where I left off with my fantasy writing.  I spent a while revising some stuff the sounded like it had been written by a teenager (oh, wait it was) and joined a writing community for a small period.

Then, my computer crashed and I learned the horrors of not backing up my work.  😦

That soured my taste for writing for a while.  I tried to stick to journaling, and did so on my MySpace account for a while.  I was back and forth between journaling and not.

Looking back, I have noticed that I am always at my most happy when I am writing.  Perhaps something about getting all these ideas out of my head, so they do not build up and make me crazy (or at least more so).

So when I stopped raiding and transferred to a role playing server, I decided to start a Blog.  I wanted to create characters and interesting stories for them.  It began with the Character pages, where I could keep track of their MyRolePlay information (since I wanted them to match whether I was logging them on from my desktop or my laptop).

Of course, Effraeti has been my main since I started playing WoW, and I am fond of being referred to as Effy.  Through DAoC and Warhammer, my online persona for Rosaelyn.  And I am still fond of the name.  But Effy seems more fitting.  So I wanted to move her to Wyrmrest Accord, but I knew I would not be able to keep playing my Resto Shaman.

So I killed her, rez’d her as a Death Knight, and started writing short stories about her.

I write about my other characters and various other things, but mostly this Blog was started because of Effraeti.

~ Effy


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