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IntPiPoMo – Day 2: PvP

Taking screenshots is more fun than it really outta be…

Day 2 – PvP

I have never been a big PvP’er.  I did some when I played DAoC, I did some when I played Warhammer but when I started playing WoW it was almost like pulling teeth to get me into a BG.  The occasional Wintergrasp /Tol Barad, but not much else.

A complete lack of raiding is what it would apparently take to get me interested.  Raid withdrawal = PvP?  Hmm.

But be it on my Rogue, Feral Druid, Hunter or Death Knight – I have been doing a lot lately.  In fact, that and dungeons have been my sole source of XP these last several weeks.

So in my numerous visits to the the various BG’s, I have taken notice of some nice scenery during prolonged periods of defense…

~ Effy

At least we have Stables.

I thought this a very nice shot of Trollbane Hall.

The way I like to see WSG go, Part 1

The way I like to see WSG, Part 2

Storming the beach in Strand of the Ancients.

Organizing a defense in the Strand.

Mage Tower

Eye of the Storm.

Frostwolf Village

Drek'Thar's going down.



  1. Wow, you actually made Sota look pretty, especially in that first shot of it. I hate that place so much.

    Completely agree on the WSG ones 😀

    • Yah, I like the shots were things are misty and almost fading out of sight. Or maybe my graphic distances are just set too low. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. Got to say the last three are my favourites!

    I prefer the ‘not-so-common’ ones 🙂

    – Jamin

    • Hehe, yah, one thing I was having fun with was trying to catch lightning flashes in my screenshots. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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