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IntPiPoMo – Day 3: Ironforge

I realize I have not posted in a few days.  Sunday I was feeling quite under the weather, and the last two days at work have been… trying.  I will spare you all the details.  I already debated ranting about it yesterday, and decided to go to bed instead.  After sleeping on it, I am glad I did not.

I will aim for another post tonight, but it may turn into just the IntPiPoMo for a few days.  We will see.

Day 3 – Ironforge

I have mentioned before that I began playing during Wrath of the Lich King.  At this time, Dalaran was the “place to be” and if you were not in Dalaran, you were in Ironforge – to use the auction house.

Then, Deathwing messed some stuff up, and now Dalaran and Ironforge are both ghost towns, and Stormwind is the only place to be.

<sad face>

~ Effy

The entrance to Ironforge.

Looking at the Ironforge Bank from the Auction House. If you look real close you can see ONE lone dwarf next to the mailbox.

The Hall of Explorers.

The Military Ward.

The Mystic Ward.

Old Ironforge - So glad they opened this up.

More Old Ironforge.

And some more.

Some ill-advising reference materials.

King Magni Bronzebeard. <bow> <sob>

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