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Speaking of “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

So I just wanted to make a quick superfluous post, because since today is the last day before Thanksgiving, I decided to wear my favorite t-shirt to work…

This fits me so well it is scary.

First of all, it is setup to look like an old-school PC game along the lines of King’s Quest (which I have always loved).  And second, if that alone did not scream “NERD” enough (and probably “OLD” since I know the reference and have played said referenced games), it is assuming that instead of being smooth and suave, I would respond to the situation as awkwardly as possible.

I am not so nerdy that I am socially awkward (really, I mean it!), but I do have a tendency to be bluntly honest, which can make things awkward at times.

But yah, all-time favorite t-shirt.  Combine this with some jeans, some sandals (it is not snowing yet!) and my signature flannel shirt, and I am comfy as can be.

~ Effy



  1. That is a great t-shirt 🙂

    • Yah, I wish I had thought to make this post before Woot retired the shirt.

      ~ Effy

      • Great T-shirt, if you want to rock another one you can always checkout Cafepress online or nearest store.

        The blunt honesty is something our society needs more of.

      • I agree. Though, sometimes my honesty serves me well, usually it gets me in trouble. :/

        ~ Effy

  2. “Superfluous” – I learnt a new word today =D

    – Jamin

    • LOL Usually that is the job of my Word of the Day, but glad to help anyway. 😉

      ~ Effy


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