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I Wanna Be a Professional Colorer When I Grow Up

Tom the Turkey says, "Eat chicken this Thanksgiving!" (I was about to put a musket in Tom's hand when my mom and my aunt decided a dead chicken would be funnier. Yes, I am related to these people. 😉 )

Okie, I dare say I have been hanging around five year olds too much lately.  🙂

My Thanksgiving story is going to have to wait until tomorrow.  In and among typing up the story and my post to go with it, I started drawing a few more pictures to “fill in” at the places where I had something happening, but no specific picture for it.  This, in turn, became me redrawing everything.

I am doing it all professional-like and I drew and colored some backgrounds, and I am finishing up drawing the characters doing their various things.

But holey crap, that is a lot of coloring and my arm is tired.  And I broke my Black crayon.  <sad face>

BUT in other news, the other reason I did not finish all the drawings for the story – I am going to start raiding on my Shaman again!  She is moving to Elune!  Now, I just need a companion for her to move with.  Hmm…

Time for one more dungeon then bed.


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