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IntPiPoMo – Day 5: Waterfalls

Last day of my IntPiPoMo screenshots!  I had an extra difficult time coming up with today’s topic, as there were so many wonderful possibilities.  I almost settled on some random screenshots (of which I had many).  Finally, I flew around Azeroth and decided on:

Day 5 – Waterfalls

World of Warcraft has a lot of amazing scenery, but whether IRL or in game, I love waterfalls.  These all happen to be on Kalimdor, because I think it is such a beautiful continent.

If I had one more day of screenshots, I would definitely do Outlands.  Maybe I will run out there and do another…

~ Effy

Un'Goro Crater

Mount Hyjal, over looking Azshara.


Feralas, just outside the new Feathermoon Stronghold.

Desolace, the regrowth.



Another shot in Ashenvale.





  1. Oh so beautiful! I love waterfalls 😀

  2. I’ve always loved Feralas, the shots are so beautiful and I don’t think I’ve seen that view of Azshara from Mount Hyjal. I’ll have to fly around and find it!

  3. So glad you got the Darkshore one in there! Has always been a favourite shot of mine.

    Really beautiful scenes,

    – Jamin

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