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4.3 and My Charger!

Yay! 4.3 is here!  And what do you know?  I found some gear to transmog.  First! let me say that I did the three new dungeons today!  I bought my pants and gloves for T12 and got several drops!  Effy has gone from iLvl 360 to iLvl 370 in the span of a few days.

There are some nice goodies for Resto Shamans in the three new dungeons:

  1. End Time
  2. Well of Eternity
  3. Hour of Twilight

The armor is not a “set” per se, but it does all match, if that is what you are looking for.  Since all this gear is 378, the exact same is normal T12, these and the Justice points gear will compliment one another nicely.  I say, assuming you did not raid with your Shaman through T12 like I did not (perhaps an alt), buy at least two of the three Justice set pieces – Chest, Gloves, Legs.  If you think you might go back to Firelands and try for a shoulder or head token, buy all three.  A two-piece set bonus is better than no bonus.  Then, depending on your time, luck and priorities, gather the dungeon pieces to fill in.

These dungeons are not difficult by any stretch of the imagination.  There are some mechanics that hit hard, and some that just about one-shot, but these are NOT the starter Cataclysm dungeons and definitely not the Trollroics.  I remember how many tries and wipes those dungeons took to learn, and these 4.3 dungeons go much quicker and easier… and they have some gorgeous scenery.

Effy makes a pretty sexy Night Elf Shaman!

The Demon Soul!


Rawr! Demon-Effy!

So that I feel I am posting some useful information, here are the:

Shaman Patch 4.3 Notes

  • Flametongue Weapon no longer increases spell damage. It now increases all non-physical damage done by the wielder by 5%.
  • Lightning Bolt has a new spell effect.
  • Wind Shear’s base cooldown has been adjusted to 15 seconds, up from 6 seconds.
  • Talent Specializations:
    • Elemental
      • Call of Flame no longer causes Fire Nova to extend the duration of Flame Shock.
      • Earthquake damage has been increased by roughly 75%.
      • Elemental Fury now removes the cooldown from Chain Lightning.
      • Reverberation now reduces the cooldown of Wind Shear by 5/10 seconds, up from 0.5/1 second.
      • Shamanism now increases the spell power benefit to Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, and Chain Lightning by 36%, up from 32%.
      • Fire Elemental now benefits from 55% of its master’s spell power, up from 50%
    • Enhancement
      • Improved Lava Lash now causes Lava Lash to spread a Flame Shock debuff from the target to up to 4 nearby targets. This excludes crowd-controlled targets and those who already have a Flame Shock debuff from the shaman.
      • Improved Lava Lash no longer increases base Lava Lash damage by 15/30%. This increase has been rolled into the base Lava Lash skill.
      • Mental Quickness has been redesigned. Instead of granting the shaman spell power, Mental Quickness now causes Enhancement shaman spells to behave as though the shaman has spell power equal to 55% of attack power. Enhancement shaman spells no longer benefit from spell power from other sources.
      • Maelstrom Weapon can now also proc from fully absorbed melee attacks.
    • Restoration
      • Ancestral Healing now also causes the shaman’s heals to increase the target’s maximum health by 5/10% of the amount healed, up to a maximum of 10% of the target’s maximum health, for 15 seconds. This effect does not stack if multiple Restoration shaman are present, and does not apply to heals from procs.
      • Riptide’s periodic healing coefficient has been increased by 50%. The initial direct heal is unchanged.

Oh, and 4.3 means Tyrael's Charger!

~ Effy

For more info, since my post is very mememe and pretty pictures, check out WoWhead’s 4.3 Guide and the official Blizzard Guide to 4.3, including the Patch Notes.

Edit: Updated to add weapons, which I somehow forgot.  🙂



  1. That’s a great look you have there Effy 🙂
    Love the pics too

  2. Cool shots 🙂

    That charger sure looks cool! Not sure on a Worgen mind you..

    – Jamin

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