Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

Thank You! <3

Today, I actually got two mounts – Tyrael’s Charger and…

My new Winged Guardian!

So I wanted to send another big THANK YOU! to Blog Azeroth, the WoW Blog community, the wonderful judges, my partner in the First Place ring, Navimie, and most importantly Amerence for coordinating all this and just generally being a wonderful, helpful and caring person.  ❤

~ Effy



  1. YaY!!!!! Congrats! Loved it! nice pic eff, and your very welcome! I do Thank you for your entry you all guys inspired me. So THANK YOU back! hehe. Enjoy! =D

  2. WOOOO! Looks awesome!
    Oh I’d better check mine and see if I got one too 🙂 I wish I could log into your server and we could fly together for an awesome pic!!!

    • Hmm, maybe we have some Photoshop-savvy friend that can put our two characters together in a picture. ❤

      That would be cool. hehe

      ~ Effy

  3. Well done, looks great! =D

    – Jamin

  4. Blake (Vellenari)

    I wish I had one! 😀


  5. Congrats! Looking good on that mount!

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