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We’re DS Raiders!!

MC Raiders, by Myndflame from the Illegal Danish

They say that you are more likely to find something when you stop looking.  Well, this is a frustrating thought to someone who is a planner and heavily lacking in the patience department.  However, for once, it seems to have worked out that way.

This weekend was quite the whirlwind – Thanksgiving, Blog posts and challenges and contests, creating a kid’s book… oh yah, and did I mention I found a raiding guild and transferred servers?

Effy is Effy again, which is actually far more comforting than I ever imagined it could be.

I believe it was Wednesday night.  I was PvP’ing and catching up on reading blogs and listening to my signature techno.  (Yup, that is the background thumping you hear when I queue up in Vent – it is almost always going, loud or quiet, dubstep or ambient, but ever-present, but apparently only the bassline to everyone else.)

One of the tabs I usually have open on my laptop now is Twitter.  I fail miserably at keeping up with it, and I miss retweeting more posts than I actually catch.

So for this, I am sorry.

If I am following you and your blog, and do not retweet, it is not because I disliked a post or did not read it.  It is more likely I just missed it in Twitter in the 50 tweets per every 15 minutes or so that zoom across my 11″ laptop screen.  :/  But whether I retweet them or not, they go to my Google Reader.  ❤

Anyway, somehow I did not miss a post by @Restokin (Lissanna) regarding her guild looking to recruit a Resto Shaman to raid with them.

I almost did not reply, as I have spent the entirety of 4.2/Tier12 NOT raiding, and Effy was beyond pathetic with her gear and progression at that moment.  But I decided to quiz Lissanna some more.

She pointed me to the guild’s website, and since I was already there I figured “What the heck, let’s give it a go.”  So I posted an application.  I tried to be pretty specific about my past experience and a little bit on WHY I have not been raiding through T12.  Basically, I killed everything in ICC and everything in T11 (except Al’Akir!! whom I have only killed on Sifaol because our 25man fell apart… grumble grumble…)

I did not get into too much detail about why I stopped raiding.  Basically, work and stress and Girl Scouts were the last nails in the coffin on getting back into a raiding guild for a while there.  No one needs to read a 40 page dissertation on how I broke up with my boyfriend and WoW partner, left my 25man guild (both because of my ex and because of the guild ), stopped raiding on my Shaman, tried raiding on my Priest and my DK but just could not get into it (maybe if I had not been looked to for leading those raids, I would have lasted longer) and finally fled everything to go hide on an RP server so I could write and PvP.  (See, a run-on sentence works far better!)

But apparently I write well, and that went far for me.  🙂

Hi, I am Effraeti and I raid well because I write well…  Well, okie, maybe not.  And I do not stand in fire.  There!

Lissanna said that since Thursday was a holiday, we would aim for Friday about 8pm for my interview.  Luckily I had food and a five year old and coloring to occupy me in the meantime, but the nervousness was definitely creeping up on me frequently.

Honestly, this is the first time I have ever formally interviewed for a guild, let alone a raiding guild, by myself.  Hell, I usually made my ex do most of the talking when it came to the interviews.  I can be painfully introverted when I am around new people.  ><  Usually, my ex was enough of an icebreaker to get me comfortable enough to start talking.  I am more of a “Sure, you can come talk to me, but I am going to do my own thing over in this corner until then.”

It is weird, cuz once people get to know me, then I tend to not shut up.  😛  Like when I am writing…

So about a half hour before my interview, I logged onto Elune, onto a baby Effy Shaman and Lissanna whispered a “Hello” and asked me if I had been back to the forums since I had posted my application.  Uhm, no.  <ashamed>

So I jumped on and – Whoa!  I had lots of replies.  Quite quickly I realized many of the comments were:

  • Why are you spec’d this way?
  • Why are glyphed this way?
  • Why are you reforging X instead of Y?
  • Why does your gear suck??!!1

It was almost overwhelming, and my first thought was I had been out of raiding for so long that maybe I should not have tried to go back.  ><  But I buckled down, I posted a reply (not that I figured it would be read between then and my interview) and let Lissanna know.

About that point, we decided to go ahead with the interview, even though the guild leader was not in attendance.

So that I would keep my hands occupied, I fiddled in the Draenei starter zone on baby Effy.  Mostly mindless killing with my one attack – my lightning bolt.  Woohoo.

Most of the questions came from the guild’s Elemental Shaman, who I guess was once main spec’d Resto.  He seemed pretty pleased with my reasoning behind a lot of my gear and spec – I have been doing a lot of solo or dungeon PUG’ing and very little raiding and when Effy was raiding, I actually did a lot of tank healing because we were usually short on Priests and Holy Paladins.  I like my cleansing talents, as I was looked to for cleansing often (it was usually rotated in my last guild – since again, we almost never had a Priest).  And I am spec’d into my Lightning Bolt to return mana, mostly because I do not like having Effy just stand there.  (Then, I started playing my Disc Priest – Atonement spec rocks! – and my Holy Pally, who both spend a decent amount of time DPS’ing.)  No, it is not something I can use all of the time, but I use it often enough.

The others asked some questions, and I asked about the expectations as far as raiding supplies, time to start forming up and whether they were specific about professions.  They seemed pretty laid back, yet organized.  At one point, Mindy mentioned that they run the guild much like a business.  That idea was pleasing to hear, and stuck out to me.  Some amount of structure is helpful for any group of people brought together.  You can still have fun, but it helps to know what is expected from you.

At one point, well into the interview, the guild leader entered Vent.  He apologized for his tardiness, recapped and – mentioning that he trusted that his officers had done a thorough assessment – told me that he was impressed with my writing.  <blush>

For me, that is about the highest compliment I can receive.  I consider myself to be a much better written communicator, and since I fancy myself an occasional writer of fantasy fiction and a wannabe Tech Writer, I take a small amount of pride in being reaffirmed that I am okie at it.  🙂

Of course, I am not sure any of my ex’s can agree with my preference at writing to express myself.  I cannot think of a one that did not get at least one extremely long feeling letter.  😛  These were usually accompanied by groans.

All said and done, the guild leader and officers conferred right over Vent there in front of me (figuratively, that is) and told me they would be pleased to have me join their ranks – seeing as the only true concern that was raised during my interview was my lack of gear.

Little did we know at that point 4.3 would drop within the week.

But luckily, my gear did not stop me from being welcomed into fold!

They said they would be happy to have me, and I agreed and said I would love to be a part of it.  So I promised to have my character(s) on Elune before the next raid.

Okie, so it was the next day.

So now, Effraeti, Sifaol and Caeridwen (my DK from Eonar) are all on Elune.  Yay!  (I am seriously contemplating moving over Lycaohn, also.)

I was not quite to my random dungeon cap for the week, so they wasted no time in getting me into the guild and dropping me in a dungeon group.  🙂  Even with some iffy PUGs, it was pretty fun and successful.  I am having a grand ol’ time getting to know everyone.

And I have to admit, it made me kind of warm and fuzzy to have everyone  refer to me as “the new Resto Shaman.”  I feel pretty important.  <flex>

Though, admittedly, I was super nervous about last night – my first raid with Undying Resolution!

But I will get to that in my next post – this week’s raids.  In the meantime, I shall leave you with an updated pic of transmog’d Effy.

~ Effy

Going for the fiery look!



  1. Vellenari

    I miss that bass thumping… 😦

    • I miss my RP, lowbie-raiding, PvP, leveling partner too. ❤ But isn't your account running out?

      ~ Effy

  2. I love that bass-thumping, personally.

    (Also: Van Buuren? Why, yes please! :D)

    • Yay! Always happy to find someone else who likes some techno!

      ~ Effy

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