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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 6 – My Desk

Look look!  Two days in a row, just like I promised!

Day 6 – My Desk

My Desk

So this was taken with my phone, so not the prettiest thing, but workable.

From left to right, I will explain a bit:

  1. The nekkid candle – I have had this thing for years and it has survived I do not even know how many moves.  I got it at a lil shop in Lansing, and it has been a desk/room accessory since.
  2. WoW Wireless Headset – Yes, that is tape.  My poor headset apparently sees far too much use, and now must continue its existence akin to nerd-glasses.
  3. Brisingr, the TY dragon – What would my desk be without a stuffed animal? or a dragon? or a combination of both?  Empty, that is what.
  4. Silver desk lamp – Had to turn it off for the pic, but usually keeps some light shed on things.  *queues the drumroll*
  5. “Be…” rock – That lil grey lump beneath the speaker is my “Be…” rock from when I worked at Trinity Health.  It is a reminder to “Be in the now.”
  6. Camera – Underneath where the “Be…” rock is, sits the camera I never use, because hey, I have a camera on my phone.
  7. TV Remote, Crayons, Colored Pencils – Close at hand, even though I hardly ever use my TV.  The crayons and colored pencils are another story entirely.  🙂
  8. Rainforest Tree Frog – Just above #7, sitting on the leg of my monitor, is a tiny tree frog.  No, not a real one, unfortunately, as I am a lover of frogs.
  9. Monitor – Above that is obviously my monitor.  Mmm, widescreen.  But not ridiculously large.  21″ I think?  In this picture, it is showing my wee hunter, Skeiron, waiting for me to queue him for a BG while I write.
  10. 11″ Alienware laptop – Probably my silliest investment to date, but it gets a lot of use.  I wish I had just bought a regular laptop with a regular size screen, but alas, hindsight is 20/20.  *shrug*  It is useful for dual-boxing my second account.  Currently showing the front page of my blog.  Usually, I am writing, checking Facebook or Twitter, scanning my email or reading blogs on Google Reader on my laptop while I play WoW on my desktop.
  11. Mountain Dew – A staple on my desk.  If the desk is without said Mountain Dew, it is probably not my desk.  In fact, if that movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers ever actually comes to pass, and I am drinking something other than Mountain Dew (or coffee before noon) or water, I have probably been snatched.
  12. Notebook and pink pen – Next to the Mountain Dew lays another staple of my desk, my notebook and its constant companion, a G2 pen, most commonly in pink.  This is were I make semi-intelligible notes when for some reason or another they will make it quicker onto paper than my computer.
  13. Stuffed Windrider Cub – The accompanying plushy to my in-game pet.  🙂
  14. Speakers – The companion to the speaker at the other end of the desk, currently playing my Above and Beyond station on Pandora.

So there you have it.  I know, seeing what sits on my desk has got to be the highlight of your Sunday, eh?  🙂

~ Effy



  1. Hm, I always think people’s desks are an interesting insight into their minds.
    Might post my own sometime, too.

    Managed to resist a WoW plush .. for now.

    • Yes, desks are very personal. I also think a person’s car tells a lot about them, however, I spent many years working in auto retail and service, so I may have a biased opinion.

      Do not resist the plushie! Even though I am Alliance all the way, I love windriders. The first pet I ever really, really wanted on my Hunter was a windrider. I was crushed to find out even though they are considered a “beast” they are not tameable. So now I have my own. ❤

      ~ Effy

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