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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 7 – The Reason Behind My Blog’s Name

I am on a roll!  (I am using self-praise to motivate myself!  At the moment, it is working!)

Day 7 – The Reason Behind My Blog’s Name

Well, hopefully the name “Effraeti’s RP” is somewhat self-explanatory, but then I would have no post.  heh

Effraeti is my main, and my WoW namesake.  Even when I changed my main to my Disc Priest (Sifaol) for a time, everyone still referred to me as Effy.  Apparently, I am stuck with it.  But it could be worse – I could have named her Shamwow or Shampon or some other ridiculous Shaman name.

I like being Effy.

I would probably still be Rosaelyn to everyone I knew in-game if I had stuck with my Druid, instead of insisting on buying Burning Crusade and becoming a Draenei.

Then, this would be Rosaelyn’s RP instead…

Effraeti’s name, if you have not seen her Character page, is from Ifrit or Efreet which is a fiery demon or Djinn of Arabic and Islamic origin.  To make it more unique and more me, I added the “ae” which is in a vast majority of my character names.  At least the female characters.

Little did I know at the time how ironic her name was.  I just thought Draenei looked cool – and she has a tail!  I knew none of the lore, and how Draenei are outcasts of a race that became demonic.

As for the “RP” part, my biggest reason for starting my blog was my interest in creating some place to write stories.  I was newly enamored with the idea of playing on an RP server and creating backgrounds and scenarios for the characters.  As it turns out, my blog is more of a catch-all for all of my thoughts on WoW and other things.

But even though my troupe has relocated to Elune, I am still planning to write more stories.  Because who says that different servers cannot parallel times?  Perhaps Effy really exists on both – separate outcomes in different circumstances.  (Okie, perhaps I have been hitting the lore a lil hard…)

I actually have a story idea that is currently rattling around in my head, begging for an outlet.

A pre-teaser to my story teaser: I will be publishing a quick post when I get home regarding it.

~ Effy



  1. Its a perty good name at least you didnt name yours drtyoldman…:( sadness sets in again

    • Yah, I suppose it would have to be Drtyoldman’s ERP, and that is a whole other server. 😛

      ~ Effy

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