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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 9 – My First Blog Post

I am finally getting into a routine, I think.  I like it.  The past few days have been far less stressful by having something vaguely resembling a schedule – I finally feel I am getting a lot of stuff done!

Day 9 – My First Blog Post

My first post actually illustrates my purpose with this blog quite well.  It was my first Effy short story – Regrets.

After hanging out Wyrmrest Accord for a week or two, I began to go beyond the tiny amount of information that you can state about your character through the MyRolePlay addon.  I also wanted somewhere I could keep track of the information I was putting on their little profiles (since I often enough switch back and forth between my desktop and laptop).  So this blog started out as a mind-dump.

It just so happened that I had an idea strike my late, late one night.  I had the first line of Regrets pop into my head, and as I wrote it down, the rest came to me in a big tumble of words.

I like the idea of an anti-hero.  Effy the DK is a perfect anti-hero.  She was once the member of a race infused with the Light and closer than any other race to the Na’aru.  From there, she fell as far as one can – undeath.  She now signifies everything the Light stands against.

Somewhere between Bounty Hunter and Children of Greymane, I want to make a story that brings her to Shattrath City and A’dal.  A’dal would have a dialogue with her along the lines of how to bring herself back to the Light and his visions concerning her.  But I have yet to put together the specifics.

Anyway, in short – my first post was the most fitting I could have wrote.  It was about Effy and my interest in how she would roleplay.

Even though I enjoyed my time on Wyrmrest Accord, I have realized I am already more at home on Elune.  The idea of RP’ing fascinates me, but actually doing it, not so much so.  I will chalk it up to a really good doorway for me to get back to my love of writing and open a new chapter on my WoW playing.

~ Effy


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