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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 10 – My Favorite Webpages

Half way!  Go me!

Day 10 – My Favorite Webpages

This one is a hard one for me.  A lot of people I know have a regiment of pages they visit everyday.  I really do not.  Logging onto my computer consists of opening several pages, pages that stay open pretty much all the time.  These pages are:

  • My blog – either to write a post, check the stat trends for my blog or to change the WotD
  • Gmail – check my mail and see if anyone is on chat
  • Yahoo Mail – ugh, I have had this account forever, so I get so much spam and piles of advertisements, because everything I buy and every account I maintain that is not specifically for WoW is through that email
  • Facebook – which I have been mostly neglecting lately
  • Twitter – see above
  • Mint.com – this is wonderful for tracking my accounts, my bank balance and for receiving bill due notifications
  • Google Reader – to check out newly posted blogs.  I think I may have been slightly over zealous with this, as I signed up for so many blogs that I tend to have 50-100 or so new posts each night when I get home from work
  • Pandora – I include this even though I use a player for Pandora, but I have a subscription, so I listen A LOT

Then, I have pages that I use semi-regularly.

  • World of Warcraft – I check various armories often, quite often my own (ie. Caeridwen’s Blood DK spec and glyphs while I leveled DK Effy)
  • WoWhead, WoWwiki, Petopia, El’s Extreme Anglin’, WoW Professions – my common various research tools during gametime and writing time
  • Google search – how would I live without this??  I search Wiki entries, word spellings and definitions, song lyrics, addresses and a million other things
  • Amazon – with my new phone, I have become fond of the Kindle app included with it, and I have begun buying books this way.  Amazon, why do you have to be so point-click-buy simple?  Evil, I tell you!
  • Undying Resolution – finally, a guild that actually USES their guild page, so I skim it frequently
  • Blog Azeroth – my now-favorite forum, it is so nice to have a collection of people who like to write and collaborate about it

As for all the blogs I read, please do not make me link all those addresses again!  lol  Just look towards the bottom of my widgets for my Blogroll.  😀

~ Effy


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