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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 11 – My Bad Habits and Flaws

Over the hump!  It is all downhill from here.

Oh, and today is FRIDAY!!  TGIF!!  😀

Day 11 – My Bad Habits and Flaws

My flaws?  Not exactly the kind of thing that I want to admit to, but alright, here we go…

I am an Alt-a-holic

Hi, my name is Effy, and I am an alt-a-holic.

Hi, Effy!  Welcome!  We are here to help!

Thank you.  It is really hard for me to admit to my problem, but they say it is the first step to recovery…  Wait!  I like my alts!  I am not deleting them!  Screw this!  <runs away>

I have two WoW accounts, and a laptop that always sits on my desk.  So given the motivation to fight with keeping one character stuck to the other (and heal when the need arises), I can even level/play two toons at once.  I tend to use this for Karazhan and Molten Core when I get in the mood.  But my alts got really out of control while I was on Wyrmrest Accord.  Not only do I have toons I play, but I have toons that are only there for story purposes.  For example, I have tried and tried, and I do not think I will ever get a Mage, Warlock or Warrior to 85.  But I have some for story purposes.

Sometimes, the alt thing gets a lil hairy.  I have four “active” 85’s on Elune, now – Effraeti, Lazheward, Sifaol and Caeridwen.  Especially now that I am raiding 2-4 times per week, it is a pain trying to get all their dungeons.  Especially since, on top of that, I have my leveling toons who I do dungeons and BG’s with.  Lycaohn, Skeiron and Rosælyn are all in various stages of active leveling.  Because most weekdays I am all about reading blogs, listening to podcasts, writing on my blog and PvP’ing/low-level dungeoning.  It is usually much lower stress.

But add on top of this that I am a horrible WoW packrat (which also became worse while I was on Wyrmrest Accord, as there are several outfits I still have not gotten all the pieces for!).  I usually have one bank toon per account, and when I was on Wyrmrest Accord, I was really close to making another of my strictly-RP characters another bank toon.  My bank toons on both Eonar and Wyrmrest Accord have stacks of cloth, crafting mats, rep items, potions and god-knows what else.

I am trying to keep my alts manageable on Elune.  But I fear that once I get Rosa and Skeiron higher I will need something new and low-level to preoccupy me when I want to do something low-key, low-stress and completely lacking in accomplishment.

I am Impatient

There is a phrase: The best things come to those who wait.  Well, apparently I am always getting leftovers then, because I have lil patience for waiting around.  It tends to make me forward and blunt.  The strange thing is, I have no problem farming and leveling toons.  You would think it would try my patience.  I also tend to be fairly patient in PUGs with people who say they are new or unfamiliar with a dungeon or a fight.  If you tell me, I have no problem stopping and explaining a fight.  Where my patience in PUGs usually ends is with people who are impatient to the point of detriment to the group (ie. Hunter pulls), people who do not care to learn mechanics and people who berate the other group members.

I am a Planner

This tends to go hand-in-hand with my impatience.  I like to have a schedule, and small changes in plans are easily workable, but disrupting my whole plan of work tends to frazzle me until I reorganize myself.  I am also not fond of last minute plans.  A friend who says, “Let’s get lunch on Tuesday” is more warmly received than someone who calls and says, “Hey, I’m in town right now.  Let’s meet for a coffee.”  The occasional last minute plan is fine, and usually I will make myself available.  But I have a few friends that grate my nerves by regularly dropping in last minute, and this tends to be frustrating when I have other plans.  (Like real-life friends who disregard my raiding schedule, especially those who know my raiding schedule.)

I am a Worrier

They say women eventually turn into their mothers, well, on many levels I cannot argue this.  I am my mother’s daughter, for sure.  One thing in regards to that is my tendency to worry.  If a friend is running late, I am okie, especially if they call and let me know.  If someone completely misses a get together or some sort of planned interaction, I quickly tend to assume the worst, when usually it is something like traffic or something unexpected.  Bottom line: if you and are I supposed to be somewhere, please call me and let me know what’s up, or I am likely to start worrying you are laying in a ditch with your car upside down.

I am a Dreamer and a Hopeless Romantic

Basically, this means I set myself up for disappointment – often.  lol  I think guys I have dated have trouble with my emotions and flowery-ness.  Sometimes, I think I expect too much – like I expect them to do what I would do in a situation.  And I tend to be an unexpected gift, sending flowers, sending cards, stating my feelings kind of person.  I tend to fantasize things and overblow them.

This is an awful post!  I am going to go cry in a corner now.  😛

~ Effy



  1. Ah Effy 🙂 Totally not an awful post! I liked it. Reading it makes me think I know you a bit more, which is the whole point of the blogging challenge right?

    • Navi,

      You are totally right. 🙂 And hey, the real friends are the ones who know how crazy you are and still hang around!

      You really make me debate restarting my Tauren Pally. Just so we can be two ladies hanging out. ❤

      ~ Effy

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