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Fashion Police: Stormwind

Transmogrification /trans-MOG-ruh-fah-kay-shun/
1. The act of changing into a different form or appearance.
2. The easiest way to digitally identify people who should not be allowed to dress themselves.

Ahh, Saturday and people watching in Stormwind in between BGs.  But alas, what atrocities accost my view?  Badly coordinating transmogging!  And this is a disease that seems to spreading!

Disclaimer: All names of fashion victims have been concealed in an attempt to protect their identity.

I think it is the hat that really does it for me with this guy. ><

Ugh, someone please tell her less is not always more...

Just because you have four cool looking pieces of Priest gear does NOT mean you should wear them all together. ><

If you come across any of these individuals, do not approach them.  Is it not yet determined if bad fashion sense is a communicable disease.  (ie. See the 80’s.)

And in an attempt to brighten the mood, here is Sifaol and the start of her transmog set.  Currently looking at a weapon/offhand and possibly a different robe.

~ Effy

A Work-in-Progress Sifaol - I have always loved that hat!



  1. The gnome is adorable. She looks just like my 4 year old niece on the days she’s allowed to pick her own clothes.

    • Well, she does kind of look like a box of crayons (the 64 set, of course) threw up on her… 😉

      ~ Effy

  2. Aha, your Worgen is coming along nicely though!

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