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Ann Arbor Fairy Doors!

So last night, I had a lot of fun getting out on the town in Ann Arbor with a work friend.  We went to Conor O’Neill’s downtown, a place that dearly reminds me of Gus O’Connor’s in Novi – my former favorite afterwork hangout, though it seems like years ago.

We merely ordered some half off appetizers and, being responsible, one drink each.  I tried a Christmas ale they had on draft that was pretty tasty.  As for as alcohol goes, I do not imbibe much, but when I do it is usually either a pale ale or a margarita.  That is about it anymore – now that I am older and more responsible.  (Did you all buy that?)

I was so nice and relaxing to get out and just chit chat.  We talked about work and ex’s and where we have lived and family and everything else in between.

When we started to walk back to the car, my friend mentioned Fairy Doors, and I had truly no idea what she was talking about.  She explained a little bit, and I thought maybe they were some kind of window paintings.

So we walked a few blocks, and she started to point them out to me.  (Sorry for the substandard pics from my cell phone at 8pm in the dark with semi-cold fingers.)

A fairy ticket counter - just below a human ticket counter - and some pennies for their tickets

Fairy Door - with presents for the fairies!

Somehow I had never seen these! In all my Ann Arbor wanderings! A door in the middle of a door!

I find these so fascinating!

The first Fairy Door - at Sweetwaters Cafe (sorry for the blurry, I was nervous about this one, surrounded by patrons looking at me).

It was the most exciting little treasure hunt, and we did not even go see them all!  One of these days, I will go back and try and get all of them in daylight.  I will probably have to take my mom, since when I was little, she and I used to go and find Fairy Rings in the woods.  ❤

So a BIG thank you thank you to my friend for introducing these to me!

~ Effy

For more information on the Ann Arbor Fairy Doors, check out the website and the Blog (he has much better pics!):

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