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One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.


So it started simply – I was looking to clean up my desktop hard drive.  I was happily uninstalling and deleting files and programs I do not use, or for some reason had doubles of (like some of my back up pictures and such).

During my maintenance, I came across folders of screenshots from MMO’s I used to play – namely, Dark Age of Camelot and Guild Wars.  I was not prepared to realize how much I miss playing both of those games.  DAoC was the first MMO I really became addicted to, and Guild Wars is fascinating – and so pretty!

Looking at all the screenshots made my miss my Thane and my Ritualist.

Gaeldrial, my original Thane, a Frostalf.

Gwaehiir, my Minotaur Thane.

Rosaelyn, my Ritualist.

Effraeti, my Mesmer... Does not look a bit like my Shaman, eh?

The original Rosaelyn, a Midgard Healer, and her Kelpie mount.

So, caught up in my nostalgia, I re-downloaded Guild Wars and jumped on.  I would have downloaded DAoC, but it still costs money to play it.  :/  Really?

Guild Wars is so pretty, and I had fun looking at all my characters’ outfits, but I was totally lost all over again.  I jumped onto Rosa, my Ritualist, and tried to run around with her and her NPC’s.  They annihilated everything and no one took any damage, not even Rosa’s spirits.  Now, granted, it was not a max level area or a Mission.  But that was having no idea what I was doing.  I was just summoning spirits.  Apparently, I left Rosa and her Necros with good gear and good builds.  <shrug>

Vaelentine, the Elementalist, with one of my favorite GW's outfits.

Rosaelyn, in her other cool looking outfit.

Rosa's birthday pet - a Kirin.

So my Guild Wars nostalgia quickly dissolved into opening their yearly presents (non-combat pets) changing their outfits around and logging off.  I did fiddle on a new little Paragon for a few.  They are such a neat sounding class… but just do not really do it for me.

And back to WoW.  🙂

But the most exciting part?  I am on vacation until after the New Year!

What are my plans?  Not a whole hell of a lot, since I am pretty broke.  WoW and my Blog are going to be a big chunk of it.  I have a Top Secret project I am working on, that I will not even tease you all about until it is actually posted.  Let’s just say I am pretty excited about it.  🙂

~ Effy


  1. Cool flashbacks 🙂

    Have a good vacation time!

    • Thanks, Jamin! I intend my vacation to be a lot of R&R.

      ~ Effy

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