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Blog Stalker AKA Furtive Father Winter

Yesterday, a flurry of excitement greeted me upon seeing an email from Redcow of the blog Red Cow Rise!  Redcow is hosting this year’s Furtive Father Winter event, sponsored by Blog Azeroth.  (You may have noticed it on my sidebar.)  It was an email confirming my participation and naming the blogger I will be stalking… err, researching… to make a guest post for a “gift.”

This is very exciting to me.  I have never written a guest post before.  This is also a small source of anxiety, seeing as I am not 100% sure how to go about this.

I am still in many ways developing a general idea of my style and voice and focus for my blog.  It revolves mainly around Effy and her travels and adventures.  But how often do I go completely off topic?  (Fairy Doors come to mind!)  And I often wonder, now that I am raiding once more, should I be writing more on my thoughts on raiding?  Or more on the Shaman class in general?

So I spent a good chunk of time stalking… err, reading… the blog I will be guest posting for.

Just to throw everyone off the trail, I have been catching up on all the blogs I read these first two days of my vacation.  Mua haha.

I suppose the point of this event is blend my writing style with my blogger’s writing style.  Because I do not think it is not a matter of me writing would I would write on my blog – or I would just write it on my blog.  Nor is it a matter of writing what my Blogger would write – because they would have a completely different voice/tone then me.

I think I have discovered a subject that will mesh the blogs of us both, but I am open to some quick pointers those who have participated in years past might be able to provide.

~ Effy



  1. I got my assignment and went SQUEEEE and now I’m like “Oh noes, what do I write!”

    I stalked the person’s blog and still can’t think of anything! Eeeks.

    • Well, the way I figure it, look over what your blogger writes about and see if you can find any overlap, no matter how small – achievement hunting, pets, maybe you have an main/alt of the same class as their blog is about…

      So far, I think I have a topic, just trying to decide how to write it. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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