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The Many Moods of a Worgen Priest

I spent far too much time and gold on completing (or mostly completing) my Priest’s transmog outfit.  But I do think I am finally happy with it.  A different staff (though, her current staff is perfect) or the hat I really want for her would be about it.

The sad part: I could not 100% decide!  So, she currently has three sets – Red, White and Black.  I think I will be sticking with the Black set for now, though.  Yes, she is a Priest, but she is also a Worgen, and on top of looking good on her, it also fits her darker side.





Human Sifaol in Black




This outfit was actually inspired by a lockbox.  Lycaohn opened one and it contained both Black Velvet Robes and Silver-thread Gloves.  As much I as like the gloves, though, I wanted the robe’s sleeves to show.

Also, the Netherwane Cloak is a wonderful, long, black cloak and was super easy to get (if you have not already done the Blasted Lands quests).  Two quests that are really fast at 85.  heh  There is an identical cloak in Burning Steppes, but that requires just about the entire zone.

The cloak I found through the World of Wardrobes blogsite, which I am becoming quite fond of.  They are still in the process of updating everything, but many things are organized by color, so it makes it easier to accessorize!

And in a random aside:

Sifaol’s Divine Aegis bubbles are shiny and pretty again!!

For I believe it was the entirety of 4.2, the Priest’s Power Word: Shield and the the Divine Aegis effect from crits and Prayer of Healing looked identical – and not identical in the pretty, shiny bubble.  They were merely the meh, glowy bubble.

Meh, glowly bubble from PW:S

Pretty, shiny bubble from Divine Aegis!

Perhaps I am slow to notice this and it has been in effect for a while, but I have not been playing my Priest much.  Gearing Effy has taken priority.  But while I am off on vacation, I will be working on her gear and doing endless numbers of dungeons with her, Laz and maybe Caer.  (I have not been able to get up the courage to go tank one of the new heroics on Caer yet.)

~ Effy


  1. Think the red one is my favourite but then I’ve always loved that hat. I farm it on every single one of my casters.

    • Yes, I have always been fond of Whitemane’s Chapeau. Hence why it was so exciting for me to discover there are white and black versions of it. 🙂

      ~ Effy


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