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Madness I Tell You! – Post-Raid Self Review

This is very exciting.  For the first time since I came back to raiding, I have time to gather my thoughts post-raid before I have to get into bed.  Usually, I have work the next day, but tomorrow is the true Day 2 of my vacation.  😀

I have never wrote a review of myself as a raider, so bare with me.

Let me start out by saying that raiding tonight was a surprise in itself.  I have become a regular member of our 25man raids on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but the 10mans, being smaller and needing tighter healing, DPS and raid awareness, have not been something I have participated in.  Mostly, my gear was too low.  Second, I was the newbie and as yet untried.

So I was nearly speechless when I received a seemingly random invite, and then found myself in our guild 10man, standing in front of nine other guildies, Thrall and the Maelstrom.  Madness of Deathwing!  <oohs and ahhs>

First of all, about a week ago I had my first raider review and it went very well.  The officers were pleased with my performance and the steady improvement of my gear.  I was happy with myself both for coming back to raiding with such a smooth transition and finding myself more quickly adjusting to new fights.

For reference, here is Effy as she sits right now.  (Only one more 359 piece to replace!  Darn Effy and her horrible luck with shields!  Marrowgar, I am looking at YOU!)  As a comparison, when I joined Undying Resolution, I had all 359 gear except for the few items useful as a Resto Shaman from the Molten Front dailies.  Yah, Effy did zero raiding in T12 – she is not even friendly with the Avengers of Hyjal.  ><

During my review, one of the officers did bring some Shaman-specific items to my attention.

Now the items below are beyond some of the items that I actually agreed with in our first discussion (in my initial interview) of my talents and glyphs.  I changed the Water Shield Prime to Riptide.  I changed my Totemic Recall Major to Chain Heal.  I dropped the talent Blessing of the Eternals to max out my Ancestral Awakening.

I am all about improving myself as a raider and a healer.  I am always open to advice.  On the other hand, there are items I feel work for me and unless I can prove to myself that a discussed change will improve my performance, I tend to stick to my guns.  My last raiding guild had another Resto Shaman who had been playing WoW a lot longer than me, but there was very little that I agreed with her on – be it talents, glyphs, casting priorities, etc. – and my numbers were always comparable.

I think that is the truly difficult part with reviewing myself at this time – I am the only Resto Shaman!

Here are the items that were brought up.  All but the first item were discussed in my initial interview, but I still have my reasons.  🙂

First Item: I am using Chain Heal too much.

My Reasoning: I personally do not think I can use an spell “too much” unless I am using it to the exclusion and detriment of my other useful abilities in a given situation.  For example, if everyone is spread out and I cannot justify the casting of a Chain Heal for good use, I do use other abilities.  Now, using Healing Rain more was also mentioned.  Healing Rain requires more resources than Chain Heal, but granted it is something I can fire-and-forget.  In a lot of my previous raiding experience thusfar, I have not felt justified in using Healing Rain to a great degree.  However, I tend to focus on the melee in 25man, because I know they are sometimes forced to stand in more than the ranged are.  So previously, this always went best with my Chain Heal.  In Dragon Soul, I am seeing A LOT of stacking.  This is proving perfect for my Shaman and a harmonious combination of Healing Rain and Chain Heal.  I ❤ stacked raids!

Second Item: Telluric Currents is not worth the points.

My Reasoning: Telluric Currents is something I fall back on whenever I can.  I saw the most perfect synergy of this talent with the mechanics of the Magmaw fight in BWD (blow all my mana on heavy healing, impale the worm, Lightning Bolt regen, repeat).  Other than small amounts of usefulness during lulls in fights, I had been starting to think it was a less useful raiding talent than some other things I might be able to swap it for – until tonight.  My Lightning Bolt regen saved me the whole raid.  I would pour out Healing Rains and Chain Heals, letting the proc of my NEW Foul Gift of the Demon Lord trinket and the Mastery use on my Moonwell Chalice boost my heals while tentacles smooshed people, oozes tried to dissolve faces and I tried to spread some relief to the “Oh God! the burning!” blanketing us all.  Some well-timed Spirit Link Totems are always good for boosting my numbers some too.

Third Item: Cleansing Waters is not worth the points.

My Reasoning: Cleansing Waters may not be a huge boost to my healing numbers, but I cleanse A LOT.  The Madness fight is not a good example – Zon’ozz would be a better example.  When Cleansing your target does like 75% of their health in damage to them… even the little bit of heal from that talent helps.

Fourth Item: I should have Focused Insight.

My Reasoning: Focused Insight MIGHT grant me a bigger heal at a slightly lower mana cost, but I have to Shock something first.  Not only is this an extra GCD, which I already have in both my Unleash Elements AND Riptide+Chain Heal, it also costs me extra mana.  Flame Shock is the cheapest Shock, and it is 4k.  Even if Focused Insight might somehow boost Healing Rain (which I do not think it does), it still does not make up the difference in mana, and for a mere 10% more healing.  I will keep my Telluric Currents.  🙂

So after a night of healing our attempts on Madness of Deathwing (no kill, but we made good progress and we adjusted our method a few times), I was pretty pleased with my performance.  In fact, looking at Recount, I could not believe the numbers, as I do not recall the last time I actually topped a meter.

That could not possibly by Effy on top... Could it?

And a glance at World of Logs confirmed most of it (though not the 20k heals it showed on Recount).

I still cannot figure out how I can be active more than 100% of a fight?

Chain Heal was a higher percentage most of the night, I was surprised to see WoL said Healing Rain beat it out.

Damn you and your overheals Healing Stream Totem!

Look at all that beautiful mana gained from Telluric Currents!  Yay!  Though I would still like to see my Riptide uptime higher, this evening I mainly used it to boost my Chain Heals.

Raider Homework:

First, I would like to look at changing around my UI.  As time goes on, my screen just seems to get more and more cluttered with addons, and it is time to simplify.  I use Healbot, and I have since I was leveling Effy, so a switch would preferably either keep it or replace it with something very similar.  (I did not care for Vuhdoo.)

Possibly Clique and Shadowed Unit Framer.

Second, some macros were suggested to me, and I think they are a great idea.

  1. A trinket use (Moonwell Chalice’s Mastery use) plus Chain Heal.
  2. A Nature’s Swiftness plus Greater Healing Wave.
  3. I am sure I can come up with some more, but it is after 2am.  😛

Lastly, it is my goal to better manage my Riptide, Earth Shield and Water Shield uptimes.  Riptide is situational, in my opinion, depending on whether I am spot healing or heavily raid healing.  Earth Shield and Water Shield I monitor closely, but I notice that when I am facing unexpected amounts of damage, as in the early stages of progress on a boss, I tend to have a period of adjustment where my uptimes and CDs are less utilized and my healing is slightly more “panicky.”  So keep working on this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now I would not dare to say I am the font of all Resto Shaman knowledge.  So I am curious if there are any other healers out there (Shaman or otherwise, if you have an opinion) who agree or disagree with any of the above.

Comments on my review of my own performance are appreciated too.  I am used to conducting this in conversation with another person, so writing it out instead is a change for me.

Please let me know your thoughts!  🙂

~ Effy

Edit: Added one more homework goal.



  1. I’m a big fan of macroing my ‘on use’ trinkets to one of my spells.

    Grats on the +ve review you received and nice job on your own performance review.
    We recently had a new recruit who wanted to bring in another toon as his main raider. Now I’m all for justifying the reasoning for a toon change but frankly, having less competition for loot is not a good enough reason.

    • Thanks, Cym! I appreciate the feedback. 🙂

      I agree that main changing can be beneficial at times, but loot seems a silly reason.

      Originally, I began leveling my Disc Priest with the thought of switching her to my main, and I did raid with her for a while. At the time, our raid was heavy on Shaman and lacking in Priests. And though I feel I perform well on my Priest, I am just so comfortable healing on my Shaman.

      After such a rough expansion for Resto Shamans, I very pleased to have found a place to raid and perform. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. I’m really impressed by your self review! Whenever I see these sorts of posts, where raiders talk seriously about their talent and spell choices and inspect the numbers they produce, I feel both awed and a little embarrassed. Mostly I’m content to read other people’s thoughts on resto druiding and take my cues from them!

    Macros = amazing. I’m terrible at writing them but they are useful for so many different things!

    • Thanks so much, Red Cow! I appreciate the feedback. I usually try and evaluate myself, but this is the first time I have wrote it all out and shared it with a whole bunch of people. heh

      It feels good to know my Shaman is competitive again!

      ~ Effy

  3. I also really like your self review Effy 🙂 And looks like you did great work there – oh btw that pic is really nice!

    • Thanks, Navi! Yah, I am pretty pleased with my performance, now I am just trying to figure out how I pull better numbers in 10mans over 25mans.

      ~ Effy

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