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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 14 – This Upsets Me

Heh, if I really tried, I could probably write an entire college paper on pet peeves.  But I will be good and limit my ranting to items that really bother me in WoW.  🙂

Day 14 – This Upsets Me

After months of not raiding, leveling numerous toons and being part of the most reliable tank/healer pair in many of my previous WoW guilds, I have grown a lot more patience for PUGs and the LFD system.  But PUGs are the one thing I think even Buddha would trouble holding his cool in some nights.

Random people in general are not what bother me, in fact, I do not even mind people who admit they do not know fights.  In my experience people who state straight-off they are not familiar with something are much more likely to be receptive to advise and even if we wipe, they learn and do it better next time around.  I have no problem with dying sometimes.

Most of my least favorite WoW players pop up in the Dungeon Finder:

Mr. Newly 85 Tank

I cannot help but wince a little when the first comment from the tank is, “Hey, guys!  I just hit 85 today!  This is my first heroic!”  Luckily, my healers are prepared for this now, but I cannot help but feel grossly out of control in such a situation on my DPS characters.  The plus side is that usually tanks who come out and say this are good tanks.  Yah, they are certainly a little squishy, and I myself would not deem it appropriate to jump into a heroic in a tank position at a gear level that is likely detrimental to the group.  When the tank has less hit points then the healer and the DPS, you know it will be a rough go.

And that is not being elitist, that is just being honest.

Mr. I Have Never Tanked/Healed Until Today

“Hey, guys!  I leveled this toon all the way to 85 without ever tanking/healing.  And I likely leveled all the way through PvP!  So now, at level 85, I want faster dungeon queues, so I am going to tank/heal!”  Hold on tight and buckle up.

This is also something I notice at the 58-65ish level range.  DKs who walk out of the starter area with great gear for DPSing, but who insist upon tanking in it.  Noob+no concept of rotation+no mitigation=ouchie.

Mr. Tiptoe Around all the Trash Pats Tank

This is something I am noticing far too much of in the new End Time instance, and it irks me to no end.  Because: someone… always… pulls… trash…  What is wrong with just killing the stupid pats!?  Twenty seconds of effort that save me instinctively healing the guy who pulled and taking the whole pat to the face.  :/

Mr. Over-eager DPS

This position in the LFD group is usually filled by a Hunter (no offense to all my Hunter friends, but you know this is true!). Most times, but not always, this Hunter is running ahead and pulling trash packs with a Misdirected Multi-Shot.  Ready or not, here they come!  Other times, the Hunter is falling victim to the ranged auto attack that always seems to randomly pick a new target once your current target is dead.  This I cannot blame them for, but honestly, it is hard to tell what is an accident and what is on purpose made to look accidental.  Other times, the DPS just creep too far ahead of the tank and facepull.  Those are a personal favorite of mine…  😛

Mr. Over-Eager Warrior

The Warriors get their own little section, as I have seen more Warriors die in 0.5 seconds than any other class.  Between Heroic Leap, Charge and Whirlwind… and that is just counting the Warrior skills I am actually familiar with… these make an equation that equals insta-death.  Please be careful, friend Warriors!  Just because you have plate and 140k hit points does not mean a boss or a pack of trash cannot two-shot you.  True Story!

Mr. Stand in Everything Melee DPS

Yes, I am especially looking at you Feral Druids and Rogues!  How you can find the most ideal place to stand to take the most damage even over the tank?  I have yet to figure this out…

Mr. Elitist

Lastly, we come to the player we all love to hate – the Elitist.  The Elitist can come in many forms.

Mr. Tell You How to Play Your Character Elitist

This guy has one of every class, and of course knows how to play them all better than any of you scrubs.  He is such a considerate guy, he will even give you tips on how to suck less.

Mr. Carrying All of You Elitist

This guy seems to think he would be better off soloing the dungeon, as he is doing all the DPS.

Mr. Troll Elitist

This guy has nothing logical to say, he just trolls everyone in the group, and whatever you say in response (or even with no response) – he wins.

And then, even more annoying…

Mr. Elitist PvP Troll

The Elitist PvP Troll is usually a combination of every other type of Troll and Elitist.

This guy spends the entire BG telling everyone how much they suck, swearing over not getting healed and insisting he is the only one doing ANYthing to win (cuz DPS and Deathblows = skillz) – even if you are already winning!  My favorite thing EVER in PvP – when these ragequit cuz we suck so much, and then we end up winning the BG.  😀  Just Desserts!

I cannot help it that I usually fall for Trolls.  It is hard for me to not comment.  Sometimes, I shut them up, but more often it only fuels their illogical rants… somehow.  Usually their retorts make absolutely no sense, but the Troll somehow still feels they have won.  <shrug>  I cannot seem to stoop low enough to grasp the line of logic there.

And in closing, because we all love PUGs, some sage words from my friend and yours, WoWCrendor…

~ Effy



  1. Skarnu

    In defense of Feral druids everywhere, we have to get behind the boss to maximize our damage. With our varied mitigation cd’s, usually we can stand in bad stuff for a bit…

    Though honestly, I think we do it in the hopes that Mr.Tank will move the boss another 2 yards so we can get out of the bad shit and do our job. Hell I’ve switched to bear, taunted the boss to a more convenient location and then Shadowmelded when the tank ran over to pick up the boss in a new position… good times.

    • Dear Shredmaster Skar,

      I am aware that there are many tanks who do not have the foresight to consider the positioning of their melee, and are only concerned with moving themselves out of shtuff on the ground, but honestly many melee just do not care either. I do appreciate you coming forward and sticking up for yourself and your fellow melee DPS. 🙂

      And you, sir, certainly do not fall under that category. You belong more under the facepull category. hehehe 😉

      ~ Effy

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