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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Build Your Own Legendary

So this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic actually comes from me!  So I have no other writer’s blog to send you to today.  Aww.

When the newest Rogue legendary daggers were announced, Blizzard mentioned wanting to eventually create a legendary specifically for each class.  This made me start thinking about what legendary I would want for my Shaman.

Basically, for your post, you can be as detailed as you want.  You can create pictures, compose the questline, design the stats and uses/procs.  But most importantly, you want to build a legendary for your main character!  (For Rogues, you can either create a new one or use another toon. Sorry.)

So here is my idea for the Shaman legendary!

~ Effy

Build Your Own Legendary

Story/Quest Line

I love playing Draenei and I am a lore nut, so it should be of no surprise that I love quest lines involving Outlands and/or the Draenei.  Outlands zones and dungeons and gear and mobs are all fascinating and pretty (or Demonic).  Also, both the Draenei and the Orcs came to Azeroth from Outlands (Draenor), so I thought a Legendary quest line involving the story behind both races to be appropriate.

I am also fond of Easter Egg Quests (quests you happen across, laying on the ground or such, while exploring).

At the moment, this entire quest line is based around the history of the Orcs and Draenei.  Below is from the Draenei side.  The Orc quest line would be very similar, but would use Horde quest givers.  (I am thinking Baine Bloodhoof, as opposed to Prophet Velen, as he is very benevolent and I think the Tauren would be a great starting place for the quests.)  I am sure it could be modified to work for all races of Shaman, but hey, I want a Legendary for Effy, so I am writing this specifically for Effy!  🙂

It is too bad I know nothing about making a machinima…  I can just about see a lot of this in my head.

Step 1: The Glowing Stone

Start – The Glowing Stone, Nagrand

Objective – Take the Glowing Stone to Farseer Umbrua.

Description – Half-hidden in the tall prairie grass, beneath the shadow of great Oshu’gun, you discover a large, glowing stone.  It seems to have a shape and consistency similar to the imposing mountain before you.  The glow deep within the stone brightens and begins to pulse in sync with your heartbeat when you lift it for better examination.

Perhaps Farseer Umbrua will be able to tell you more.

The beginning of Legendary Epicness - a random "!"

Step 2: Inform the Prophet

Start – Farseer Umbrua, Stormwind

Objective – Speak to Prophet Velen.

Description – “What is this you have there, Effraeti?  You found it in the fields surrounding Oshu’gun, you say?  This is a very special find, indeed!  You notice, when I hold it, it merely glows faintly.  But when in your hands -” Farseer Unbrua closes your hands around the stone and it flares a brilliant white and resumes its pulsing “- it comes alive!  I cannot say what this might mean, I believe that is a question for the Prophet.  You should seek audience with him in the Exodar – and hurry – I think he will be most interested in this find!”

Farseer Umbrua

End – Prophet Velen, Exodar

End Dialogue – “Effraeti, it is good you have come to me about this.  Ours has been a hard path, but we persevere and I see a Light down our path, a Light that has to do with this and yourself.”  Prophet Velen studies the stone with an inscrutable face.  “We have much to discuss.”

Step 3: The History of Oshu’gun

Start – Prophet Velen, Exodar

Objective – Listen to Prophet Velen explain the history between the Orcs and the Draenei.

Effy meets with Prophet Velen

Description – (Cutscene during Velen’s voice-acted explanation.)  “Many years have passed since Orc and Draenei last lived side by side in relative peace.”  (The camera pans across a green and whole Draenor.)

“When we came to Draenor, the Orcs were a young race and like a child they were wide-eyed and longing to expand their knowledge of the world.”  (The camera shows the tribal Orcs as they were before the Burning Legion came – clothed in animal hides, brown-skinned, relatively peaceful hunter/gatherers.)

“They had great respect for the earth and their ancestors.  The Orcs were a tribal race, led by Chieftains, but the Shaman – the Orcs’ link to the natural and spiritual world – were their true guidance.”  (The camera focuses on an Orc Chieftain then the figure melds into a chanting Shaman.)

“Then came the Burning Legion…”  (The camera is still focused on the Shaman, who turns into a Warlock, red-eyed and cackling manically with a green, fel fire burning all around him.)

Kil'jaeden (Blizzard Entertainment)

“With his subtle, deceiving manner, Kil’jaeden manipulated the most powerful of the Orc Shaman – Ner’zhul – by coming to him in dreams with the guise of Ner’zhul’s deceased wife.”  (The camera switches to Kil’jaeden’s laughing face.)

“Kil’jaeden, bent on revenge and the destruction of our race, convinced Ner’zhul that we Draenei were a terrible threat, so much so that it was a matter of the Orcs’ very survival to destroy us.  And so, the Orcs joined their clans together as never before.”  (The camera is still focused on Kil’jaeden, laughing, and the laughter is met by thousands of screaming voices and fire raising around Kil’jaeden as he looks down upon the once shining center of Draenei society on Draenor – Shattrath.  Orcs with glowing red eyes brutally cut down warriors and children alike.)

Shattrath City

Velen pauses, wincing at the memories.

“They gave themselves unknowingly to Sargeras – learning the ways of the Warlock, consorting with demon minions, siphoning off devastating amounts of energy from Draenor that they had once asked for in manageable pieces from the elements and their ancestors…  And eventually, even drinking the blood of the Pit Lord, Mannoroth, sealing their doomed path.  By the time Ner’zhul came to realize the truth, it was too late, and his pupil Gul’dan usurped power and continued the Orcs along their road to damnation.”  (The camera shows Mannoroth roaring, Gul’dan looking eager beside him and the Horde of Orcs – red-eyed and green-skinned – with the Bloodlust visibly building in them.)

“Once it was thought the Draenei annihilated, the Burning Legion turned their Horde on Azeroth.”  (The camera shows the Dark Portal and the Horde streaming through it with their near limitless numbers.)

The Dark Portal

“The Orcs were a devastating force against the humans of Azeroth, but were finally driven back through the Dark Portal.  When they stepped back onto Draenor, they unwittingly continued corrupting our land until they shattered Draenor in an attempt to open more portals to other worlds to conquer.  Luckily, many us survived this cataclysm.”  (The camera shows short shots of various parts of Draenor while the land shakes, the skies tear and the elements cry out.)

Farseer Nobundo

“It was Farseer Nobundo who found the path to Draenor’s salvation – reconnecting with the lost and troubled elements and opening the Draenor to the ways of the Shaman.”  (The camera shows Nobundo, surrounded by his totems, chanting to the elements – fire, lightning, wind, water and earth swirling around him.)

“And that brings my story to you, dear Effraeti.  You have trained hard, you have overcome obstacles thought impossible and you have mastered the language of the elements.  Now, it is time for your true test.  Now, you must go forth to save our people, the lives of our allies and what remains of Draenor itself.”  (The camera refocuses on Velen, standing before a kneeling Effraeti.)

The Prophet explains the situation

End – Prophet Velen, Exodar

Step 4: The Sanctum of Light

Start – Prophet Velen, Exodar

Objective – Speak to A’dal.

Description – “I have told you all I can.  A’dal, our Na’aru ally in Shattrath City will be able to assist you more along this path.  Seek him out there, in the Sanctum of Light.”

End – A’dal, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “Ahh, Effraeti.  I have seen you in my waking dreams, young Draenei.  The Light guides you and protects you.  It is the Light that has brought this fragment of Oshu’gun to you and you, in turn, to me.”  If the Na’aru could make a perceptible smile, you he would be, as you feel awash with a warm, bright light coming from the entity.

A'dal in the Sanctum of Light

Step 4: Without the Void, the Light Cannot Exist

Start – A’dal, Shattrath City

Objective – Rescue K’ure from the Shadow Council within Oshu’gun.

Description – “Deep within Oshu’gun lies a wounded companion of ours – K’ure.  It was he who crashed to Draenor with your kin and ours, and the same crash that took D’ure from the Light also greatly weakened K’ure.  He has survived through the kindness of the Orcs and their ancestor worship, but when they stopped talking to their ancestors in Oshu’gun, K’ure also fell prey to the Burning Legion.  They currently use his weakened state to create their void monstrosities.  The Light deems this has gone on long enough, and it has chosen you as its champion to free K’ure from the Shadow Council agents within Oshu’gun – no matter the cost.

“Khadgar can hasten your journey.  Speak to him when you are ready to depart.  May the Light bless and watch over you.”

Khadgar says, “This portal will put you to the entrance of the cave into Oshu’gun.  Powerful forces keep me from penetrating further.  Use this reagent, imprinted with our position here in the Sanctum of Light, to return to me.  Good luck, Effraeti.  May the Light watch over you.”

Effraeti steps into the Mage portal, followed closely by her friends.

(This part of the quest is instanced – a group quest dungeon.  Grab four friends and pwn this heroic-style.  There would be some trash and a few bosses, just like any other dungeon, maybe even a few nifty drops to “encourage” those not on the quest.)

Upon entering the last room of Oshu’gun, Effraeti’s group stands before K’ure and a room full of Shadow Council agents.

(Killing the agents results in K’ure’s weakened, void form siphoning their souls and releasing Void Walkers in their place.  As long as there are Shadow Council agents still alive, the Void Walkers will attack them and help you finish them off.  But then, you have a room of angry Void Walkers to deal with.  Their intent is for your party to join them!)

As the last Void Walker is defeated, K’ure seems released from his bonds.  Before Effraeti can try and speak to the weakened Na’aru, he blindly turns on her and her party.

K'ure, the Darkened Na'aru

(The K’ure fight would be similar to M’uru in Sunwell Plateau.  As you fight him, he darkens to the point where instead of emitting light, as the Na’aru usually do, his form seems to absorb it, until the entire underground room is plunged into darkness at 25% health.  A great wave of dark energy hits the party like a angry Gronn, stunning all the heroes for sixty seconds.)

Stunned and unable to even call out to the K’ure, Effraeti fills with dread as the darkened Na’aru begins to speak, “I am beyond controlling myself, mortals.  You should not have come here!  Now you must all add to the ever-growing void!”

(K’ure begins a long-casting spell called Void Nexus, opening a great purple portal that slowly draws in your stunned and helpless party.  Through a moment of Deus Ex Machina, Prophet Velen and A’dal appear, not in physical form but in a spirit form.)

A’dal explains, “We could not come to you in our physical forms, Effraeti, lest we meet the same fate the maddened K’ure intends for you.  But between us, Velen and I have the power to free you from his grip.  Now flee!”

Once out of K’ure’s room, Effraeti uses the reagent given to her by Khadgar, and returns herself and the others to his side in the Sanctum of Light.  Upon regaining her wits, Effraeti turns to A’dal to see Prophet Velen seated beside him, eyes tightly closed.


End – Khadgar, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “Let us all ask the Light to grant them the ability to subdue K’ure.  You have weakened him greatly and he is without any further resources to draw on.”

Step 5: Materials of Truce

Start – Khadgar, Shattrath City

Objective – Collect an Ancestor Bone, 20 Skettis Feathers, 20 Scarlet Warbeads and 20 Ethereal Wrappings and return with them to Khadgar.

Skettis Feathers

Description – “Before they left to assist you, A’dal and Prophet Velen asked me to brief you on the next step in your journey.  There is nothing more you can do to subdue K’ure, that is on A’dal and Velen now.  Your next task is to take the stone you found and forge it into a hammer – a weapon of both the Light and the elements.

Crimson Warbeads

“To fashion this weapon, we first need some items with which to make it:

“Find me Skettis Feathers from the bird-like residents of Terrokar Forest, Scarlet Warbeads from the ogres in Nagrand and Ethereal Wrappings from the thieves who seek to dismantle Oshu’gun for their own profit.

Ethereal Wrappings

“Lastly, we will need a bone from one of the Ancient Orc Ancestors.  This will be the most challenging part – as you are not being sent to desecrate their resting places, you must find an Ancestor who is yet untainted by K’ure and the Shadow Council and request this of him or her.”

(Skettis Feathers drop from Arakkoa in Skettis, Scarlet Warbeads drop from Warmaul ogres in the zone of Nagrand, the Ethereal Wrappings drop from all of the Var’aani Ethereal thieves in Nagrand surrounding Oshu’gun.  For the Ancestor Bone, there is a Gordunni ogre camp between Shattrath and Nagrand in the Barrier Hills, near a green fire and some cages lay a pile of bones.  Interacting with the Bleached Orc Bones begins a subquest and summons an Ancient Orc Ancestor.)

Subquest: Laying Reth’zan to Rest

Start – Bleached Orc Bones, The Barrier Hills

Bleached Orc Bones

Objective – Lay the Ancient Orc Ancestor to rest.

Description – The visage of a spectral female orc materializes before Effraeti.  “Greetings, Draenei.  In life, I was Mruhena, a Shaman of the Frostwolf Clan.  The Frostwolf were one of the few clans to resist the demons and their perverted promise of power.  However, the courage of our clan and our leader, Durotan, saved us from damnation but led us into exile and hard times.  During a hunt, I was captured by the ogres, tortured and killed.  I cannot rest until my remains are properly given back to the earth.  If you do this for me, I will be in your debt and help you in anyway I can.

“Take my bones to Greatmother Geyah, in Garadar.  She is the only one I have been able to communicate with my death before you and one of the few Shaman of power left on this broken world.”  Before Effraeti can protest about how to enter a hostile Orc village, Mruhena holds up an insubstantial hand and continues, “I will disguise you and protect you from harm.”

Greatmother Geyah (WoWwiki)

End – Greatmother Geyah, Garadar

End Dialogue – “So long has it been since last I conversed with one of your kind, Draenei,” the Greatmother says, regret and sorrow apparent in her voice.  “There was a time when I believed our race had much to learn from yours, and perhaps such a time may come again.  Alas, for now I can only express my deep gratitude for you bringing home Mruhena.  Too long has her soul been restless, she is long past due the peace of the ancestors.

“She has asked me to grant to you this piece of her.  With it, she can assist you whenever you may be in need throughout the rest of your mortal journeys.”

Reward – Ancestor Bone

End – Khadgar, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “You have done well, Effraeti, and your timing could not be better.  A’dal and Prophet Velen have just recently returned.  You should speak with them.”

Step 6: Forging a Bridge

Start – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

Objective – Forge your hammer.

Description – “Astounding work so far, Effraeti.  I am pleased that you were able to get an audience with the Greatmother.  Now, it is time for you to take these items and have them transformed into a weapon worthy of a Shaman who dances the lines between the elements as well as those between the Orc and Draenei.”

Velen smiles wide and continues, “Go to the Lower City and speak to the blacksmith, Kradu Grimblade.  Have him forge you a hammer, and bring it back to me.”

End – Kradu Grimblade, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – Kradu rudely sniffs Effraeti with a disgruntled snort.  “What is it you want, Draenei?”  Effraeti first hands Kradu the Ancestor Bone, and his eyes widen.  “This bone radiates Orc magic, old Shamanic magic.  You say this is the bone of one of the Ancient Orc Ancestors?  If you were entrusted with this, then tell me, what is it that I can assist you with?”

Kradu Grimblade

(Kradu crafts the hammer with little more conversation.)

“Here is your weapon, Shaman.  Treat it as you would one of your Draenei ancestors and you will honor us all.”  Kradu bows his head in respect as he hands the weapon to Effraeti with reverence.

Reward – Oshu’gun’s Breath (This is the starter, Epic version of the Shaman hammer, with slightly lower stats and no procs.)

Step 7: Return to Velen

Start – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

Objective – Bring the hammer to Velen.

Description – “Breath taking!  This weapon lives and breathes with the spirits of the both Orc and Draenei.  For that is why the stone called out to you – it is infused with the spirits of the Draenei who perished in the crash of Oshu’gun.  Your hammer may not speak in words, but it does speak in whispers.  However, it is not finished, nor are you.”

End – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

Step 8: Call of the Elements

Start – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

Objective – Infuse Oshu’gun’s Breath with the Essences of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Description – “The next task before you is call the spirits of the elements to power you and your weapon.  You will need to infuse this weapon with the essence of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.”

(This portion will require some raid assistance…
Fire: Retrieve the Essence of Fire from the defeated Ragnaros
Water: Speak to Neptulon in Vashj’ir and ask him for an Essence of Water.
Earth: Speak to Therazane in Deepholm and ask her for an Essence of Earth – requires Exalted rep.
Air: Retrieve the Essence of Air from the defeated Al’Akir.)

End – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “Excellent, Effraeti!  With these, we can make your weapon even more powerful.  But there is one final piece…”

Step 9: In the Darkness, There is Light

Start – A’dal, Shattrath City

Objective – Retrieve an Essence of the Light from D’ore in Auchenai Crypts.

Description – “Effraeti, Prophet Velen and I were successful in defeating K’ure’s void form.  As per the Na’aru life cycle, he will regenerate himself back into a being of Light, but not for many, many years.  He has been given into the care of D’ore, who has only recently come back to himself after the crash of Oshu’gun a thousand years ago.  Seek D’ore in the Auchenai Crypts, and request of him an Essence of the Light.”

Auchenai Crypts

(Speaking to A’dal sends you to an alternate version of Auchenai Crypts.  The skeletons and spirits there are still mostly restless, but not aggressive.  You enter the instance in the hallway before the last room, where Exarch Maladaar usually resides.  However, instead only D’ore hovers at the end, not as bright as A’dal but radiating Light and warmth.  Passing the large sarcophagus where D’ore once rested, you sense a familiar darkness there – K’ure.)

The Restored D'ore (WoWwiki)

End – D’ore, Auchenai Crypts

End Dialogue – “Ahh, so you are the Shaman A’dal and I spoke of.  Fear not, K’ure is contained and I will watch over him during his recovery.  Long has he been in torment, and though he still has long before he comes back to the Light, he deserves this rest.  These Draenei crypts are the most appropriate place for us, until we are both ready to return to our brethren.

“But you are here for an Essence of the Light.  I could think of no one more fitting, as much of you has been relayed to me, and not just through A’dal.”  D’ore does not explain this further.

“Bring your weapon to me, that I may bless it with the Light.”

Reward – Light-Infused Oshu’gun’s Breath

Step 10: Return to A’dal

Start – D’ore, Auchenai Crypts

Objective – Return to A’dal with your Light-infused Oshu’gun’s Breath.

Description – “Now, return to A’dal.  He and Prophet Velen will be able to finish the work on your weapon.”

End – A’dal, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “Welcome back, Effraeti.  I see both you and your hammer are infused with the Essence of the Light.”

Step 11: Oshu’gun’s Whisper

Start – A’dal, Shattrath City

Objective – Watch A’dal and Prophet Velen finish the crafting of your weapon.

Description -“With your hammer and the elements you have retrieved, the final process can be completed.  Stand back, Effraeti.”

(A’dal and Prophet Velen face one another and cast strange spells on Oshu’gun’s Breath – transforming it.  Once they are done, not only does the weapon pulsate with the Light deep within the diamond head, but it also visibly crackles with electricity and shimmers with red and orange tongues of flame.)

End – Prophet Velen, Shattrath City

End Dialogue – “Your hammer is complete.  However, know that your work is not.  This weapon signifies the beginning of our work forming an Army of the Light.  Soon, very soon, I think, we will be calling upon you again.  For know, go in peace and may the Light – and the presence of our ancestors – protect you.”

Reward – Oshu’gun’s Whisper and the title “Farseer.”

The Shaman Legendary Weapon and Stats

This is Oshu'gun's Whisper (Pen and colored pencil)


Proc Explanation

Being that this weapon is made for any spec of Shaman, I thought having a versatile proc would be handy.  Fury of the Elements casts one of four random abilities on the Shaman:

  • Fury of Fire (caster is surrounded by flames) – Increases the caster’s SP/AP by 1000.
  • Fury of Water (a small, blue raincloud forms above the caster) – Increases the caster’s in-combat mana regen by 25%.
  • Fury of Air (caster crackles with electricity) – Increases movement and casting/melee speed by 25%.
  • Fury of Earth – Summons a small Earth Minion to fight for you.  (Non-taunting pet)

The reason for the smaller procs is that Fury of the Elements can stack up to four times.  So it is possible to either have 4 Earth Minions, 4000 SP/AP or 100% increased casting/melee speed or mana regen – or any number of combinations of the four.

In conclusion

Want more information on Oshu’gun and some of the lore touched on in this post?  Here are some of the sources I used for my research:




  1. Cute drawing, and love the name. I was instantly thought of Rise of the Horde when you mentioned Oshu’gun. Was a great choice, with all the shaman history there.

    • Yes, Rise of the Horde was one of my favorites. Not just because it was the most I found about Draenei, but also because it gave me a totally different perspective on the Orcs. Instead of the savage barbarians I figured them to be (especially from playing Alliance-side) I discovered their depth. Honorable and respectful and led down a path of self-destruction, much like the Eredar.

      Perhaps that is part of why Velen is so understanding of the Orcs, even though they nearly exterminated his people.

      ~ Effy

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