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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 15 – My Desktop Background

I am slowly working at finishing this Challenge.  🙂

Day 15 – My Desktop Background

For this, I actually have three – two for my desktop and one on my laptop.

I have two for my desktop, because I had the following as my desktop for a long time until just recently.

Sifaol, pre-85

I think Worgen females are one of my favorite Levitate models.  Even better, is how they look in Shadowform with the BoA cloth helm while Levitating.  Here is Sifaol while leveling in Vashj’ir.  The octopus staff is an oddly fitting addition, I think.  This was my background from the day I took the screenshot (in April) until sometime in December, when I replaced it with this:

Outlands Sky, Hellfire Pennisula - a Brief Look Into the Nether

I have always been fond of taking screenshots in game, but after participating in IntPiPoMo, I became even more so.  🙂  I do not recall what I was up to on this day in Hellfire, but I happened to look up and find myself very awestruck with this view.

Lastly, there is my laptop’s background:

DK Effy

This is a picture of my DK from the WoW Armory.  I have it small and centered on the screen, and I have become quite fond of it there.

And so I guess that is all for this post!

Happy New Year’s, everyone!  😀

~ Effy


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