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So Laz’s Hearth still happens to be set in Dalaran.  So I was wandering around, waiting for a dungeon queue and I found myself in Tanks for Everything, the blacksmith/plate wearers’ shop.  I started looking at the JP gear at the vendor and had an epiphany:

Effy is currently in ICC tier gear, why not Laz??

It works out perfectly, too.  I am currently working on a story idea where Effy and Laz… accomplish stuff… in the Wrath of the Lich King time period.  So it is appropriate for them to both be in Wrath gear.  Yay!

Much like Effy’s current transmog outfit, Laz’s outfit is “authentic” except for one piece – his hammer.  He is using the Level 80 PvP shield and a starter Cataclysm hammer.

Lazheward - T10 (Lightsworn)

T10 Transmog:

These are pieces from the Lightsworn set.  For some look-alikes for non-pallies, check out here.

I would prefer the Sanctified (264 iLvl) version, which is more orange and red, but that would take a serious amount of ICC farming.  Maybe eventually.  <shrug>  For now, I think this set will work perfect for me.  Laz looks great, so I can finally stop giving him a hard time.  🙂

My next goal is to post some class BiS lists, and some Hour of Twilight “shopping lists” for reference.

For now, I wish you all a good night.  Tomorrow means back to work for me.  So it is time to go relax and settle into bed with the pup, and sit up way longer than I intend to instead of getting to sleep at a decent time.

~ Effy


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