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UR Raid Week in Review – 2012 Week One

So part of the New Year’s resolution I have come up with so far is a more regular schedule for my Blog.  One of those items to review the progress of both my guild as a group and myself individually.  So before I laid down after the raid, I wrote down some of my thoughts, and then started writing this post at work on my lunch.  So Friday/Saturday is my intended publish timing for this each week.



25 Man Progress

As of last night, Undying Resolution is 6/8 in normal Dragon Soul 25man!  It was a bloody mess, but we got our first 25man Blackhorn kill (AKA Lootship 2.0)!

I think Ponerya described it best in her post, and she was quick enough to grab a couple screenshots.

From what I have heard, I am not the only healer to have “solo-killed” a boss.  Apparently, Amowrath has done similar at some point.  I will have to find more info on this!  🙂

WoL – 1/4/2012

WoL – 1/5/2012

10 Man Progress

The last night of my holiday vacation, this past Monday, was an exciting night for the 10man progression group.  We had one very quick “get all the blahs out of your system” wipe, and came back and made our first normal mode Deathwing kill!

So the 10man group is now 8/8!  Hooray!  Time for some Heroics!

WoL – 1/2/2012

Ooh, hai!

Effy’s Gear

Effy’s gear is coming along very well.  I checked my BiS list last night, and I am currently 8/17 BiS (9/17 if you count my relic, which I debating keeping as the NON-spirit VP piece).  She also has a 391/390 iLvl.  (The extra point is apparently from the two pieces of PvP gear I have picked up.)

This is on a character that came into UR about a week before 4.3 was released, wearing only 359 raiding gear, with a smattering of 365 pieces from the Molten Front dailies (and only a 2-piece set bonus!).


Raid Performance

25 Man

Morchok – A big pushover.  The phrase: “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” is appropriate.  This is always a good warm-up fight while people are still getting organized.  I stand in the melee and Healing Rain and Chain Heal.  Cooldowns are not usually necessary at any point, but sometimes I use them just to feel important.  I do look forward to seeing this guy on Heroic.  Hopefully, he is more of a challenge.

Yor’sahj – Fairly easy, except for the occasion when we get a particularly painful ooze combination.  But cooldowns and the raid being stacked usually make for an easy time keeping most everyone up.  Everyone always does a great job getting the called ooze dead before they get to the boss.  I imagine he will be a worthy challenge in Heroic.

Zon’ozz – Still a pain.  I greatly dislike the knockback that accompanies the cleansing in this fight, I can avoid grumbling on all else this fight presents, despite the fact that big, single target heals are not a strong point of Effy’s.  I imagine this will be a very tough Heroic fight – as just skills doing more damage and the boss having more health will hurt.  I will have to look and see if I can find some pointers for this fight before Heroics.

Hagara – This fight is pretty fun.  I like that there are different phases, and the running around.  It has almost become a guild tradition to set out the guild bank before the fight and have people who die to the ice wall deposit a predetermined amount of gold.  It has become a sort of joke.  For the fourth boss, Hagara is fairly easy, though.  I imagine with a few more things going on the ice tombs would become a pain.

Ultraxion – I agree that DPS is important in this fight.  The biggest problem with this fight has been timing – I have to keep the boss targeted so I can time about halfway through his cast.  The healable damage of this fight is not too bad, though.

You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. Nom nom nom.

Blackhorn/Lootship 2.0 – The best description I have for this fight – OMG ADHD!  Add, add, OMG get in the swirly!  Guildie down!  OMG, move!  Charge!  Guildie down!  Add, add, OMG kill drakes!  Ahh, swirly!  Death.  Charge!  More death.  OMG Blackhorn incoming!  Blackhorn smash!  Blackhorn yell!  Flailing!  SHOCKWAVE!  Death, death, death.  I am kinda scared to see Blackhorn on Heroic…  But this fight has to get easier now that we have downed him, right??  Lootship in ICC was mostly a joke, but 2.0 is srs bizniz.

I liked Wil’s description of this fight – Chargy + Stacky = Deathy.  hehe

Spine of Deathwing – Another fight with a lot going on at once.  I am just glad I am a healer on this fight instead of trying to keep track of stacks and add switches too.  I use my Lightning Bolt to regain mana here and there, but luckily I do such a minimal amount of damage it does not make too much difference which target I am attacking.  I do use the Burning Tendon as a focus point, as this is usually one of the few lulls in heavy damage.  Be strangled by tentacles is no fun, but luckily we have some well-focused DPS that are already doing pretty well at damaging them before they kill people.  I do not think Spine will hold us up for too long.

10 Man

Madness of Deathwing – Quite an interesting and intense fight.  As long as I can get myself into a healing groove, I can manage my mana and the health bars.  I think we have found a good Aspect order for the 10man, I just wonder if this will be the same order that will work for us on 25man and then on Heroic.  I am very curious to see this fight with 25 (other than LFR).

The Life-Binder

My Performance

I feel I am getting a better flow to my healing “rotation” in general.  I still probably use Chain Heal “too much.”  😉  But honestly, a lot of the Dragon Soul fights require good raid healing, so I am not seeing a lot of need to use my single target heals (other than Riptide, of course).

Two exceptions I have noticed:

Not much stacking on Blackhorn, so I was using a large number of Greater Healing Waves on the fight.  Because I had to save my Healing Rain for the Twilight swirly, the other times I had to stick to Chain Heal and GHW, along with Riptide and Unleash Elements.  That and the seemingly complete lack of predictable damage in this fight made my mana more difficult to manage.  But I know I will do better as we do the fight more.

I am still struggling a little on positioning myself and timing in using Healing Rain and my CDs on the Spine fight.  It seemed as soon as I dropped my Healing Rain or a Spirit Link Totem, a move would get called: Get secured, move back, move forward, move to middle.

Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around… that’s what it’s all about!  Yah!  😛

I think Ultraxion and Madness are the two fights so far that I feel I do my best with my Healing Rain uptime.  I am pretty pleased with my timing and mana management here.

Slaying internet dragons!


Start researching Heroics!

Try reforging my gear with a little bit less Haste.  Right now, I am way over my only viable Breakpoint at 916.  Find a happy medium and bump up my Mastery some more.

As for my last set of homework for myself, I have updated my UI.  Whether you believe it or not, this is FAR more simplistic than it was before!  (ElvUI with HealBot FINALLY at the bottom of my screen instead of taking up the whole right side!)

Ooooh, sparklies!

A Final Thought

I found myself reflecting upon my brief raiding experience with Sifaol, my Disc Priest, while reviewing the raid last night.  I realized I am glad I did not permanently switch to her as my main raider.  Even though Cataclysm has been a good expansion for Disc, 4.3 has shifted towards Holy Priests more heavily.

I would be a sad Worgen if I had to respec Sifaol to Holy.  😛

~ Effy



  1. I wonder if you can turn off the raid frames in ElvUI. Having two sets (& you use Healbot primarily for healing?) seems redundant & bloated.

    For Ultraxion as a healer, I’d suggest setting Ultraxion as your focus, and watching a focus cast bar. That way you can have whatever target you want and still press the button at the right time.

    & For screenshots? Alt+S is my screenshot keybinding, exactly because you have to be fast a lot of the time. 😀 I snap a lot of shots.

    • Well, I briefly tried turning off the ElvUI raid frames, and it brought back the standard UI raid frame, which I suppose is easier to hide then ElvUI’s, but I get annoyed with it, because it resets to default (showing them all) whenever I first log on.

      Well, the one thing that I really like about using HealBot is that I do not have to target anyone I am healing, which leaves me open to target a mob/boss and use my Lightning Bolt. So it ends up serving a dual purpose. 🙂

      Maybe I will fiddle with another Screenshot button.

      Thanks for the feedback, Pon! And the awesome BH kill post. 😀

      ~ Effy

  2. I love your new year’s resolution 🙂 This is a great read Effy!

    • Thanks, Navi! Hoping I can stick to it! 🙂

      ~ Effy

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