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Random Picture: Xarzith

I have decided I may just stick to coloring with pencil rather than coloring in Paint.  Ugh.  Or get a Wacom tablet or something.  I spent more time fixing the outline then I did drawing it.  Apparently my pen is not black enough for my scanner, and it picks every lighter spot.  heh

This is Xarzith – Pen and MS Paint

Pardon the picture, this is my first dragon in a while.  heh

Xarzith is Draconic for “Ice” according to the nifty Draconic translator I found and got lost playing with for a while when I did.  😛  Xarzith is Effy’s constant companion.  In game she is an Azure Whelpling.  She is my good luck charm in raids.  I am fond of her because she is blue, like my Draenei.  And because I spent hours farming her before Cataclysm, because there were rumors they were getting rid of Azure Whelpling – as all the blue dragonkin were removed from Azshara.  Lo and behold, these are still obtainable in Winterspring.

I have been thinking of giving Xarzith some of her own story.  How did Effy come across her?  Why does she follow Effy?  What happens when she gets bigger?

I thought of playing with the time lines some and somehow making Xarzith grow up with Kiragosa (Kiirae, my blue dragon Mage).  But that seems even more farfetched and hard to pull off then some of the other things I am working on.

I do apologize that I have not been posting as much as I want to lately.  I think I have strained my eye, or something.  It has been bothering me when I am in front of the computer (which is a good chunk of my time – at work and at home).  So I am going to try and get into the doctor’s tomorrow, because my right eye is actually a little swollen, which has me concerned.  But this is why I am behind on reading blogs and slacking on writing them too.

<crosses her fingers it is just a strained muscle or something>

Good night, all!  Hope you enjoy the drawing!  I am off to bed and to rest my eyes.

~ Effy



  1. Cool picture, simplistic but fun 🙂

  2. She is very cute, she brought back memories I’d forgotten, all that time grinding in Azshara. I got one and I thought I’d see if it would sell for some outlandish amount and it did! Had to go back but that time I kept it.

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