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UR Raid Week in Review – 2012 Week Two

I am finding myself with an enormous lack of ambition today – it was a long week work-wise and a slow week progression-wise – but I am determined to not give up on my New Year’s Resolution on the second week.  😛

Lord of Time


25 Man Progress

This week brought us a much cleaner Blackhorn kill on Wednesday night (in other words, it was more than my Earth Ele and me).  In fact, we had 23 more people alive for that kill!  Yay!

Wednesday night was mostly getting to Blackhorn.  The plan was to progress through Spine and Madness the following night, but luck was not with us there, and we had a number of guildies have to cancel.  So Thursday was an LFR and BH kind of night.

WoL – 1/11/12

WoL – 1/12/12

10 Man Progress

Earlier in the week, we finished up Dragon Soul in our 10man.  Sunday, we did Spine and Maw.  Both were amusing – Spine ended just as the entire raid got thrown off of Deathwing and Madness ended with only our two tanks standing.  But our feral Druid tank, Ariano, got the mount from Deathwing!  Reins of the Blazing Drake!

After we finished DS, we went to Blackwing Descent to work on heroics there.  It was pretty exciting, my previous raiding guild never downed any heroics there.

We got Magmaw down in heroic!  Unfortunately, this bugged out the instance and we could not continue Sunday night.

Monday however, we defeated Omnitron, Archimedes, Maloriak and Chimaeron.  Maloriak gave us the wonderful title…

And we got the achievement on Chimaeron.

We worked on Nefarion for a bit, but did not kill him.  He is still quite a pain.  An extension of our lockout would be fun.  I would really like a heroic Nefarion kill.

It was semi-nostalgic to face the DW twins again, after almost a year.  🙂

However, I was mostly impressed by the fact that we one or two-shot all of the heroic bosses up to Nefarion!


And Onyxia

WoL – 1/8/12 DS1
1/8/12 DS2 & BWD

WoL – 1/9/12 – No Upload!  <sad face>

Effy’s Gear

I published a new page – BiS Lists 4.3.  I used this over the raid week, but no upgrades this week.

Raid Performance

25 Man

Blackhorn – There was a huge improvement on survivability during our second kill on this fight.  I was impressed with all of our raiders.  We used some battlerez’s, but only one person was down when Blackhorn fell.

10 Man

Spine -The fight went very smooth.  This fight is not too difficult, I think it is more a matter of it seeming long.  Three plates gets to be redundant.  But I still cannot figure out why we all went flying off as he went down…  There was no warning of him rolling.  Perhaps it was a bug?  I dunno.

Madness – The fight went really quick this week.  I think it might have gone a little bit too quick, though, because we got to Deathwing’s head and everyone started dropping like flies.  Even the Elementium Bolt on the last platform was handled without any deaths.  I think everyone forgot to use their Ysera button.  😛

My Performance

Due to working on old content, even with it being heroic, I did not pay much attention to numbers as we went.  It was refreshing.  Everyone did what was needed, bosses died and most of us did not.  Win.

On Nefarion, I was single-target healing the Onyxia tank.  Phew, that is always a workout for Effy.  heh  But I think I was doing quite well.  I was keeping both our Blood DK and our Frost DK (in Blood Presence) alive tanking Onyxia.  The Frost DK was tanking her while our DK tank handled the skellies.  😛


Review heroic Nefarion.  He will die.  🙂

Final Thoughts

It was very strange to be back in Blackwing Descent this past week.  It brought back memories of my previous guild and guildies, and of my ex.

There were some subconscious comparisons made, but not too surprisingly, most of the pluses were directed at my new guild.  For example, apparently my last guild had no idea how to cancel an enrage.  I recall more times than I can count a tank getting one shot by the drake outside Maloriak’s room.  And the time spent arguing rather than progressing.

It is difficult to express without sounding fake or as if I am overly gushing.  It is strange to think that my ex and I tried so hard to find a solid guild – moving servers, endless interviews, watching many of those guilds self-destruct – and then I find one that seems too good to be true when not even looking for it.  I was even to the point where I really just wanted to find a guild without drama, and to hell with raiding anymore.  How did I find both?

~ Effy


  1. Grats on finishing Dragon Soul, we finally got down Madness last night! No mount mind you, but TWO Souldrinker’s XD

    • Grats on getting down Madness! Yah, the mount seems pretty rare. But hopefully we can get another in the guild soon. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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