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Ahhh, a post title that refers both to my favorite book and my favorite fuzzy four-legged foot-warmer.  🙂

Ender will be eleven this year, in July.  Sheesh.  That is almost 80 in dog-years.  Though she may be getting grey around the ears and muzzle, she still acts like a puppy.  I bet she could still wear out a two year old, like she used to do with my friend’s son.  heh  She has been my companion and sleeping buddy and general pain in the butt for about twice as long as my longest relationship.  I am not sure if that is impressive or sad.  😛

Her name came from my all-time favorite book: Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card.

I realize Ender was a little boy in the book, but I cannot imagine any other name that would fit her.  Even though she more often gets called Bender or Fender or anything else but her actual name.  In fact, my lil cousin usually calls her by a different name every time she addresses my dog.  Too funny.

But it is always thrilling to have someone catch onto her name, and not only say it correctly but comment on where it comes from.  <win>

This post mostly comes from the fact that my annual reading of Ender’s Game came in the form of a book on CD this year!  A friend loaned me the 20th Anniversary edition, with quite a long and rambling Afterword by Card at the ending.  I enjoyed it – best of all, I enjoyed it here at work.  It was great for passing the time while doing data entry.

I have read Ender’s Game at least once per year since high school, when my boyfriend’s dad excitedly stuck it under my nose with the comment, “I know you usually read fantasy, but read this.  It is really good!”  And by the Muses – he was right.

In fact, I have read a good majority of Card’s work now, including every book based on Ender and his world that has been published.

After all the years and all the times I have read it, though, I still choked up at the end.  Right here, in the middle of work…

I will not ruin the story for anyone who has not read it – no spoilers here.  But take my word (and my ex’s dad’s!) that this is a great book.  Even if you do not read Science Fiction.  Even if you do not read the rest of the Ender Series.  Even if you never read anything else by Orson Scott Card, or read a different book of his and swore you would never read another.  The story, the characters, the imagery… they are all worth the time.

Another book (and series) I was not sure I would like was The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.  Another Sci fi that I would not have read without it being stuck under my nose and heavily suggested.  This time, by my mom.

In fact, I have been reading R.A. Salvatore’s Gauntlgrym, but I may switch and read The Hunger Games again, instead.  I cannot seem to get into Gauntlgrym, even though it is a Drizzt story.  The book starts quite a ways in the future from the point I left off at the end of the Hunter’s Blades trilogy – Cattibrie and Regis are dead, Wulfgar is old and figured to be dead and Bruenor is really, really old.  What is Drizzt without Cattibrie?  So far, he is a flat, middle-aged Drow with a unicorn – how that happened, I am not entirely sure…

Ah ha.  It does appear that I missed a trilogy called Transitions.  Geez, I had to look up a book timeline.  hehe  But what fun would that be?  I know that Cattibrie is going to die.  😦

Enough rambling about books!

~ Effy



  1. Skarnu

    My wife is actually reading the series right now for the first time, and she absolutely loves it.

    • The Ender’s series? Awesome! You will have to tell me what she thought when she is done. One half of the series follows Ender’s whole life, the other half follows everyone who goes back to Earth. I really think Ender’s Shadow is my second favorite of all of them. It is not often you follow the same story a second time – through a completely different perspective!

      ~ Effy

  2. I remember loving Ender’s Game when I read it but I don’t remember much about the book now, so thanks, I will get it again. Perfect, I already know I love it but it will be all new!

    Hug the real life Ender for me. My Ender’s almost nine and he’s more like a full length body warmer and one of my best friends.

    • Oooh! You have an Ender, too? How cool! Give him a hug for me too! 😀

      ~ Effy

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