Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

Headline: Big-Ugly Becomes Big Ugly Crater

Undying Resolution has conquered Spine of Deathwing in 25man!!  Woot woot!  😀

That is all.

~ Effy

Status: Conquered!



  1. Blake

    About time you killed him… J/k! Next time cut out his eye so I can put it on my mantle. Good job otherwise! Miss you. 😛 keep on killing them bad guys (mainly so I don’t have too).

    • Fear not! I will continue to make the world of Azeroth safe! 🙂

      Miss you too.

      ~ Effy

  2. Skarnu

    I’m most sad that I’m missing all these kills… 10 more days and I should be back raiding.

    • Yah, I cannot wait until you get back to raiding. Really missing our snarky Skarnu. 😉

      ~ Effy

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